Well this is Awkward

Well this is Awkward


This looks a bit turd. Probably my fault too. I’m supposed to check this shit to be honest but I figured they get naff all visitors anyway – who would notice? It’s Tinpot B2B.  There's more traffic on the M6 Toll at 2am then what they would get to this steaming turd. They are so up their own arse with a site that has swearing. “oooh look at us, we are daring enough to swear, arent we clever.” nobs.

Besides they don't pay me enough. **** em.

To be fair, it's not reflective on the guys on the front line there. It's the management that are bandits. The SEO and PPC guys are amazing and they get fairly nifty results. As good as they are, they are bandits. A right tight little clicque with the boardgame Fridays and Fruit club. Never room for another player though is there. ******. Never room for anyone from IT.  Departmentist stains.

I can literally see them now through the window, beavering away, geeking out over some graph or gant chart. Look at the little trendline wankers. Oh Fwends.

I wouldn't go out for a drink with them. **** me, I would rather gauge out my eyes with a rusty blunt riddled spoon but if I wanted some nerds to make me a shit tonne of money, I would try a different link on here and get in touch with them.

There’s two ways we can go from here…


Option 1.

Click the Contact us button here and give them a shout. Don't call in lunchtimes though as they will be balls deep in Exploding Kittens or Ticket to Ride.


Option 2.

You can try and get in touch with the website owner, but you mention 404 to them and they will be thinking it's a tip for the favourite at Newmarket. They are jacked up and smacked off their tits passed 10am.

Fill your boots though and try your luck here: hello@darkhorse.co