How has the coronavirus crisis impacted paid ads?

How has the coronavirus crisis impacted paid ads?

It's at the forefront of every newspaper, social media channel, blog, and dinnertime conversation across the globe. It's the topic that brought a new vocab such as Furlough, Epidemiology and Hancock.

Alongside the personal impact we've all experienced thanks to restrictions or worse, the health crisis has introduced unchartered economic challenges. These challenges are forcing certain industries to think in novel ways just to survive. However, there are some business' that are seeing incredible growth and commercial gain.

Our team of PPC experts share their insight into which of our clients are reaping the rewards of forward-thinking paid and social advertising. We've seen some surprising results that have shown there is still hope amidst the world of chaos we find ourselves in.

Luxury spend is not slowing down

Diamonds really are forever. We've seen clients in the high-end jewellery sector making bank despite the economy showing a bleak outlook for this industry.

Ryan Bartram, PPC Executive explains: "Our luxury jewellery client experienced an 86% increase in revenue and 21% increase in ROAS since lockdown started.

This really drives home the fact that in spite of the current financial climate, a well-structured and targeted social ad can have incredible gains. People are still buying, and there is hope for all sellers - high end or otherwise."

Ecommerce is thriving

E-commerce is proving to be one of the most adaptable and robust sectors with food delivery companies being the big beneficiaries of this upward trend.

We've capitalised on the increased demand for a health food supplier client of ours by ensuring high visibility of their product as well as showcasing their exceptional service - an aspect often overlooked in e-commerce.

The team has focussed on marketing the experience our client offers, compared to simply promoting the product they sell. This has led to our client being forced to halt their PPC activity due to being inundated with online orders.

PPC Manager Dan Ros says, "In a time where the majority of the UK population are looking for ways to save, this is an unprecedented accomplishment. By highlighting the value of our customer's products [and services], we are able to attract the right audience and ultimately make a difference where it counts; our client's bottom line."

It's all about adaptability

Without downplaying any of the issue's businesses are facing, whether brick and mortar or online, adaptability has fast become the most useful quality for a business to have in 2020.

Our PPC experts have shown their adaptability in how they convey their messaging through adverts. PPC Executive Ryan Bartram said, "We very quickly found that including 'socially distant' language and offering 'socially distant' options in paid ads has created a 3x increase in leads and a CPL reduction of 64.5%" - demonstrated through our client in the home accessory industry.

"Upselling products that consumers will find value in during social restrictions by tailoring our copy is showing huge returns."

Some surprising stats to highlight possibilities

In the table below, we've highlighted the increased revenue & ROAs we have seen from some unexpected industries.

The industries we are witnessing having exponential returns are those best positioned to sell to an audience in lockdown. Other industries which are less primed for lockdown-growth are benefiting from a bespoke advertising approach. Coupling these two together, success is inevitable.


Industry Increase In Revenue since lockdown started Increase In ROAS since lockdown started
Sporting Equipment 139% 93%
Industrial Products 73% 74%
Home Decor 36% 32%
Pet Supplies 566% 54%


Financially speaking, things may be looking tough - sometimes even impossible. It is our responsibility as marketers to be transparent and set realistic expectations. Witnessing increases of this scale have been humbling and simultaneously exciting, and we are optimistic that this new experience will continue to give us the Dark Horse difference our clients are looking for.