How brands can leverage Instagram to boost revenue & not just vanity metrics

How brands can leverage Instagram to boost revenue & not just vanity metrics

Have you been using social media platforms to promote your website content? Most businesses use at least one social site to boost their reach and drive more sales, but often they overlook the potential a well-structured campaign has to offer. Without a solid strategy, including constant analysis and practical approach, social sharing can quickly become a wasted expenditure of time and effort.

While LinkedIn remains top banana for B2B social promotion, Instagram is fast becoming the go-to platform for brands looking to tap into a wider audience through engaging and creative content. We'll be sharing how your business can use Instagram as a successful method to reach new, captive audiences and show ROIs you can be proud of.


What content is right for Instagram?

Every social platform has its own unique requirements. Twitter has the most restrictive character count - maxing out at 280 characters. Instagram on the other hand has a character limit of 2,200 - which immediately opens up new avenues to create captivating posts that will stop users in their tracks and get them to take action.

Use this space to talk about your brand values, ask your followers questions, and share updates about your products. Hashtags and emojis also work brilliantly when you use them well. Be careful not to give away too much in your posts - the goal here is to still get users to click through to your website. Which leads us beautifully onto our next suggestion.

"Linkinbio" - not a typo. If you're an Insta aficionado, you'll be familiar with this phrase. Instagram does not allow links to be added to the copy accompanying images. The most commercially minded way around this is to add a link to your bio that allows you to add the links you wanted in the first place. The trick with this is to make your introductory copy on your posts so enticing that users will click through to your #linkinbio, and eventually click through to your original post.

CRO (conversion rate optimisation) steps should be taken on the original website post, with strong CTAs (calls to action) throughout and another enticing offer at the end of the copy. Instagram is a powerful tool, and if used correctly, can get purchase-ready audiences onto your website in a matter of minutes.


How do I repurpose existing content?

Good content managers know the value of repurposing old content. Well-performing blogs will always benefit from updates and refreshes in the eyes of search engines, and reposting through Instagram is a great way to keep your prospects engaged without needing to create copy from scratch.

In the case of text-heavy content, repurposing for Insta requires only a few additional steps. Canva is a great free resource that allows you to create images that will resonate with your audience. Bold colours and even bolder statements will catch the eye of the ever-scrolling Insta user and get them through to your blog. Pay close attention to the layout of that original copy - an Insta user would likely want to skim the contents before delving in - so make sure it is in a user-friendly format with images, subheadings and perhaps even video to help visually break up the copy.

You could even go so far as breaking down your blog or article into bite-sized pieces and sharing bold images relating to the content with excerpts from your blog. Your users will enjoy the series as it evolves and be more inclined to continue following the series or click through to your site to digest it as a whole.


How do I drive sales - not just likes?

Too many businesses focus on vanity metrics, such as followers or likes. Instagram, in a bold move, has rolled out a global test that has stopped displaying the amount of likes on posts - showing instead the number of views the post has had. This is a signal to users on how popular the post is without influencing their decision to on how they feel about it.

Speaking of influence... If an influencer has a notable following and ties in with your brand ethos and narrative, it's worth reaching out to see if they want to collaborate. Brand mentions from trusted influencers are great - but be careful not to simply drive more fluff metrics. Sharing a discount code with them is a great way to track the effectiveness of their posting of your brand and give you a better idea of whether to use them going forward.

Driving users to your website through Instagram is the best way to boost your revenue and not simply likes or followers. Be careful not to put more effort into getting them there, rather than keeping them there. Your website should be full of high-quality CTAs, copy that prompts the reader to explore related articles or take immediate action - such as requesting a call back or filling out a lead form. THAT is how you make money off social promotion of your content.

Is your social share button active?

Social share buttons are the quickest way for website visitors to find you on social media. Be sure your Insta social button is working and visible on your site to help drive more web traffic into social followings, and eventually back to prospects on your site. Might seem like a minor detail, but it's one that counts!


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