No one
will read this.

No one
will read this.

What not to expect from a blog post.

I haven't written this for you. I haven't written it for the people who clicked through from LinkedIn or are hurriedly flipping through the Dark Horse blog to check we're not a bunch of morons held together by a nice logo. The truth is, I couldn't give a flying monkey's arse as to whether you make it to the end of this page or click off with an affronted huff. Not what you expected, I'm sure.

Understanding the intention behind any piece of copywriting is an essential part of content marketing. Fulfilling objectives that will benefit your business is the key to any strategy. It's just, with all the will in the world, businesses are really missing the mark when it comes to understanding the impact a blog can have and the outcomes they should be striving for.

A common content marketing tick-box is to create 'shareable content' for a blog. What makes content shareable is its value to the reader, how current the topic is, its unique take, entertainment value and visual appeal. With everyone and their aunt trying to do this, it is easy to get lost in a sea of sameness – an ironic blur of 'shareable' content that isn't engaging a soul.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying your content is bad. In fact, it's a real shame that clever people are turning out quality content and it's not getting the recognition it deserves. It's a dog eat dog world and with the big boys dominating the space it can be challenging to get a word in edgeways.

Beat the system. Change your intentions and get the impact you desire. And deserve.

SEO is the backbone to your copywriting and content marketing efforts. By following a few simple guidelines your blog posts can turn fruitless ruminations into a platform that generates leads. Purge the bullshit and get down to the real motivator - money. With simple keyword targeting, internal link building and some grit and determination, your blog will help you to infiltrate search engine result pages and prevail.

By altering your intentions, you make space to experiment with your copywriting. If your blog posts are already hitting the mark when it comes to SEO then you are risking less when writing controversial pieces. It gives you the opportunity to focus on creating content that grabs readers' attention and generates leads with the security of knowing even if your copy is codswallop it will still be contributing to your wider content marketing strategy.

Make your intention to build your online presence, for each blog post to be a brick in your house making you stronger and more resilient. Take risks and watch them fall flat. Learn and try again. Some of the biggest content and PR wins were made by companies brave enough to risk losing face. I'm not asking you to put it all on the line, but by capitalising on your blog space and using it as an SEO tool your website has the potential to become a powerhouse for success.

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