Battle of the Bonds: Who is the Ultimate Bond?

Battle of the Bonds: Who is the Ultimate Bond?

We love a good argument here at Dark Horse. We're very passionate people.

Seriously, not a day goes by without a bit of good-natured back and forth. It's mostly about pretty standard stuff - which chocolate bar is best (it's Galaxy), which ice cream is king (love a good Fab), or if a curry sandwich is a thing (it isn't - just grab a naan, no fucking around).

We're also emotional about films, especially when it comes to the suavest spy on the planet.

We're talking about Bond - James Bond.

With No Time to Die finally hitting cinemas later this month, it was just a matter of time before someone asked some pretty big questions. Who's your favourite? Who's the best? And most importantly - Which Bond would win in an all-out fight? Who's the absolute BEST Bond of the bunch?

Immediate uproar ensued - from the classics with Moore and Connery to the action-packed modern outings with Brosnan and Craig, NO-ONE could agree. Absolute carnage at the water cooler.

So to settle it once and for all, and to stop the 'Teams' chats, we decided to find out. Compiling research from across the internet and beyond, we crunched the numbers to find out who would win in an all-out Bond Royale. We got everything - from who had the most cars to who had the most kills and even who dodged the most bullets - all to deduce who would win the Battle of the Bonds.

Here's what we found out... Remember, For Your Eyes Only.


Who is the Ultimate Bond?

Now, we all have our favourites and key moments we remember them by, from Daniel Craig's slow-mo walk out of the ocean to Sir Sean Connery's deadly fight with sharks. Whilst every James Bond was very different, they all remained cool under pressure, ready to fight, ready to save the world one more time... And break some hearts along the way.

We decided to use all those moments, look at the guns, gadgets, flying bullets, and speeding cars to find the one.

And our very scientific method revealed the Ultimate Bond to be - Sir Roger Moore.

How the hell did we come to that conclusion?

We conducted research across all 24 films up until now, from Dr No to Spectre, with a specific set of criteria in mind. We broke it down into 6 categories, and gave each one a weighted score, then added the scores together to find the Ultimate Bond.

The categories included:

  • Total Kills
  • Total Guns
  • Most Gadgets
  • Dodged the Most Bullets
  • Fastest Cars (on average)
  • Most Charming

Overall, Moore came out on top in 3 categories, securing top position in Total Guns (17), Most Gadgets (51), and Most Charming... the man seduced 19 leading ladies during his time as 007!

Most of us didn't get this one right, but serve yourself a Martini - shaken, not stirred, if you guessed Moore, Roger Moore.


Lethal, Lucky, and Insanely Fast

This is where it gets a bit more complicated. Moore starred in 7 Bond films in total, which might have given him the edge in some categories - but outside of his superior Bondness, there were definitely a few interesting upsets we uncovered.

Despite Moore having the most guns in his arsenal, the original Bond (and fellow Sir) Sir Sean Connery is the most lethal Bond with an estimated 399 kills to his name. Shocking. Positively shocking.

Pierce Brosnan, who donned the tux in the action-packed revival of the franchise in the 90s, managed to dodge the most bullets. Despite only appearing in 4 films, our research found that he dodged an estimated 1754 bullets, making him the luckiest Bond of the bunch.

Unsurprisingly, the most modern Bond, Daniel Craig, has driven the fastest cars in the series, with an average top speed of 193mph across 4 films. From the Aston Martin V12 Vanquish to the DB 10, Craig has had the chance to get behind the wheel of some of the most stunning cars in the franchise. In No Time to Die, he'll hit the road in style, in two new cars: the Aston Martin DBS and the new concept Aston Martin Valhalla.


Ranking the Shit out of Bond(s) - An Infographic

We could go on and on, but honestly who wants to read a bunch of text - right? We saved you some time by putting together two infographics so you can see the results for yourself. From Dark Horse, with love, here are the results:

Battle of the Bonds - Infographic Part 1

Battle of the Bonds Pt2


Shaken by the result? We can't blame you - it stirred up some fiery conversation around our office. Think Connery's been hard done by? Or that Lazenby is the most underrated Bond? Drop us an email - we'd love to tell you why you're wrong, and why Goldfinger is a masterpiece (we'll even find you the numbers to prove this).


Actually here for some serious marketing advice? From SEO and Content to PPC and Digital PR, we've always got our Goldeneye on the prize. So let us be the Q to your Bond - we'll tell you what you need to know to get results, and help save you a bit of Moneypenny in the process.


Anyway, we're off to argue about the best console of all time (it's the PS2).


Until next time!


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