We’ve rebranded…
whoopee doo

We’ve rebranded…
whoopee doo

We've rebranded

There is no sentiment here. We've just put a bullet in the nag's head. PPC Evolved was crap. It was an okay name. It had a decent message but one that was never marketed or spread. As a brand, it's now out of its labouring misery, falling back to earth, jettisoned as we surge upward. Goodbye, you hunk a junk, you allowed me to hire a brilliant team and they became the brand you couldn't.

The team abstracted over the shit website, the fisher price logo and imagery; the team and attitude embodied everything that we wanted to be and say. That team are now being backed in the way they deserve, and they are going to get a brand to match their ambition and results. We also changed to reflect the growing interest from our clients. After delivering epic PPC results, they wanted us to handle SEO and web as well. Makes sense. Once you educate them on what they should expect from an agency, they tend to purge the dross.

Our new brand is not for everyone. It's for us but not for companies who don't like direct messages and spotlight. We expect to polarise. It shows our growth from PPC to all things search marketing related. Ironically, PPC actually evolved.

I'm exceptionally proud of my team. I'm equally proud to give them a new outfit.

We are now known as... Dark Horse.


Dark Horse Rebrand


The unexpected winner. The SEO, PPC and Web agency built from the ground up to be the strong opposition that we all need more than ever; VAR for the industry. Yes, we plan to royally mess things up for established lazy practices. Dark Horse don't subscribe to digital marketing results being related to depth of pocket. We size up Goliaths, pick up a boulder and then just shoot them, Indi style.

We have lofty ambitions because there are always bigger fish for our clients and ourselves. We aren't going to rest until we feel the industry raises practise and stops trotting out the same old shit.

Dark Horse may become the favourite in the future and at that point, change may happen again but our attitude and values will not. Authentic, brave, challenging and supportive are who we are and what we hold ourselves accountable too.


Dark Horse brand guidelines


If you want your agency to be more pirate, to be more proactive, to create your space in competitive sectors, then be backed by Dark Horse.

Look out for updates on new client wins soon. We won't be updating on any awards or posting any boomerang bollox. That's for the award-winning boomerang posting agencies who are losing clients to agencies that actually do something.

Proud not to have bean bags in the office. Proud not to play ping pong all day and pose for fussball shots. Proud not to have an office in the Northern Quarter. Proud of the team and the results they bring.



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