When is an agency Premier League? Explaining Google Premier Partners

When is an agency Premier League? Explaining Google Premier Partners

Had you even heard of Google Partner before you started looking for a Digital Agency? Probably not. Should it affect your decision to go with an agency? Probably not. The first thing that should affect your decision is will the agency put you first. Make sure the agency is looking to achieve your goals. Importantly, improving your bottom line. No award is better than delivering for the client. We always put clients first. But it is worth considering what Google Partner and Google Premier Partner mean and the distinctions between them.


What is a Google Partner?

Google Partners has three tiers: Member, Partner and Premier Partner. Members have a minimal amount of additional benefits, so we're focusing on the benefits of Partners and Premier Partners.

Google Partner status gives agencies access to training, support and resources to help with client growth and performance. As a Google Partner agency, we are given early access to enhanced product knowledge and insights of upcoming industry trends. Whereas Google Premier Partner status means you have access to all the above plus additional features like product betas, advanced ad support and tailored training.

To become a Partner agency, you need to demonstrate expertise by hitting performance requirements set by Google (typically campaign performance, spend and certifications). To become a Premier Partner, the agency needs to be within the TOP 3% of participating companies - the most exclusive tier. This is renewable every year to maintain the high skill standards demanded by Google.


How can you tell if your agency has any of these?

Well, the agency is likely to have the Google Premier Partner badge listed on its website. It takes effort to earn this, so the agency is highly likely to show it. Those in the Google Premier Partner status will have the year earned on it, so check it is up to date. If they are misrepresenting this, you might want to question their other practices?


Google Premier Partner


Dark Horse has just updated its logo to Google Premier Partner 2022 and has an incredible team at the helm, ensuring it gets the best for every client. Dark Horse is one of the top 3% of agencies accredited by Google for PPC, meaning we are one of the top agencies in Manchester. Despite the award, we want to stress that Dark Horse will continue to put the client first and Google Premier Partner second.

If you want help improving your bottom line, if you want an agency that knows its stuff when it comes to PPC and delivers on its promise, then talk to us. We will put into practice our expertise and leverage the insights accessible as a Google Premier Partner to deliver on your goals. We will show you what to expect from an agency - no vanity metrics, just cold hard cash added to your bottom line.