Christmas Tree World

Christmas Tree World

Christmas Tree World designs and sells artificial Christmas trees and decorations. Focusing on realistic looks, speedy delivery and a range of styles, colours and shapes for any home.

Dark Horse took over Christmas Tree World from a “top-drawer” agency, where results had stagnated, and it wasn't receiving the service it expected. Christmas Tree World had a specific, highly seasonal product to sell and needed a company that could react to the market to build brand recognition and deliver fast growth in a limited time period. Dark Horse accepted the challenge.

Christmas tree world

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Turning the lights back on

Dark Horse was systematic in its approach. It had 5-months to deliver success and growth had to be tangible to the bottom line. First off, content was considered. A heavy emphasis was placed here. It needed to be wholesome and reflect the goodwill of the festive period.

A mixture of static and video was used and research showed to tailor it towards families/mothers of households looking to create the perfect Christmas. Spend was analysed from previous years and scaled up to be 82% higher in the first 2-weeks than the previous year in order to maximise performance.

Given the short time frame, the overall result was an increase in revenue. Dark Horse didn't stop there. In preparation for the next campaign, it has already communicated a comprehensive plan centered around increasing content and use of conversion API.

"Clued up and on the ball. Very happy with the planning, execution and results"

Head of Marketing, Christmas Tree World

The angel on top

Combining creativity with forensic data analysis led to the launch of Christmas Tree World's New Year sale 4-days earlier than the previous year. This resulted in an additional £52k revenue being generated.

The front-loaded spend during the first two weeks of the January campaign resulted in an increase of 207% attributed revenue.

snow globe with christmas tree inside

Christmas tree decorated

The results speak for themselves


Increase in attributed revenue


Increase in revenue. Additional 81% increase ROAS during December


Increase in revenue, 95% increase ROAS during January



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