Virtual HQ - SEO

Virtual HQ - SEO

6X increase in lead volume in just over one year

Virtual Headquarters is a virtual office specialist, giving small businesses the opportunity to use a physical business address without the overheads of renting one. Their customers use virtual offices to present a more professional image in marketing materials, such as business cards and a website, instead of using a home address.

YoY increase in leads and traffic

A glance at how we did it...

Knowing that the office location pages were key to generating organic traffic, we optimised the existing written copy and produced more for the pages where it was missing.

We produced FAQ-style articles that answered key customer questions we had identified relating to virtual offices to increase Google's perceived 'topical authority' of the website.

We built links from relevant local and regional third party websites to target location pages to help outrank Virtual Headquarters' competition there.


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