We help you
win online.
Nothing else.

We help you
win online.
Nothing else.

We increase your bottom line by driving traffic and conversions with SEO, PPC and paid social media marketing.

We listen, we research and build a digital strategy designed for your business, allowing you to achieve the most ambitious digital marketing goals. Get digital done, without the lies and the buses.


PPC Audit

Can you PPC me now? Our bespoke PPC audit may make you feel uncomfortable. It’s more than a simple peek under the hood. If you’re not keen to hear how your Google Ads are failing you, or how your display advertising is falling shy of the right eyes – it might be best to find an agency who will tell you what you want to hear. Dark Horse will never shy away from brutal honesty, because we know that our recommendations are going to have tangible results.

Paid social advertising

Stop scrollers in their tracks. Capture their attention by infiltrating the platforms they use most frequently. Get inside their heads. Let people discover you. Build a network of customers who claim you proudly and spend their cash liberally. Paid social ads are flexible. We target channels that suit your business and audiences who will be reactive to your campaign. A clash of hard logic and sharp creativity, paid social ads capture attention and demand conversions.

SEO Audit

Search. Engine. Optimisation. Three words that roll off the tongue. Google dominates search engine preference, and we understand that getting Google to notice you is going to take more than a few meta description re-writes. While your competitors vie for attention through barely thought-out keyword additions, we’re busy analysing algorithms and making sure the results you serve are going to result in more than ‘just a ranking’. Our SEO audits uncover a lot of harsh truths, so all we ask is that you’re prepared to take that shot with a pinch of salt and a bite on a lime.


It's the opposite of the music industry; number 1 still means something. Secure the top spot in Google search results and be the pick of the crop. Dark Horse makes you money by generating unpaid, natural rankings. Positions that demand respect and lead to conversions.


Tough markets make top money. PPC is powerful; it needs experience, expertise and strategy. Dark Horse takes on challenging clients in tight spots and skyrockets their sales and profits. Your sales and profits. Tell us your mission impossible and we will catapult you to success, making you shit loads of money on the way.

Digital marketing audit

We’ve seen some shit audits in our time. Audits that skim the surface of a business, that prettify shocking results, that offer vanity metrics rather than the bottom line. We don’t twist the figures. If it’s going well, we'll tell you and if changes are needed, we make them happen. At Dark Horse, we meet your Goliaths with objectives and strategies, and we conquer them, sling in hand.