This might feel uncomfortable

This might feel uncomfortable

A digital agency Manchester should fear

We've seen some truly horrific PPC, SEO and Paid Social audits in our time. Vanity metrics, fake bottom line and marketing jargon to hide shocking results. Agencies churn them out to camouflage their lack of knowledge. Dark Horse confronts figures and gives you honest, transparent and goal-led insights into the state of your digital marketing. We explain our process and tell you where your gaps and opportunities lie. You will never look at PPC the same again. You will learn to appreciate the ins and outs of SEO success, even if it takes torpedoing your URLs to make them work right.

Dark Horse creates comprehensive, objective and strategy focused audits that conquer your nightmares to win you audiences and success.


How do digital marketing agencies benefit you and your business?

Digital marketing is a war for attention, conversion and rankings. The only way to know how to win a war is to know your opposition and know where you stand on the battlefield. Our audits give you an insight into where your PPC, Paid Social and SEO strengths and weaknesses are and how you compare against your competitors.

A full digital marketing overview will show you what you are missing out on and what your junior exec 'Jasmine with 3 months of really robust experience' at another agency, isn't picking up on. We know where you're bleeding money, what your user experience, organic performance and content quality is like. Sometimes small changes make big bucks and other times we need to patch errors that could be sinking your website. Whatever it may be – our Manchester digital agency will investigate and flag it up, the results may shock you.

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A full digital marketing Manchester

audit the south can't do

Do you want to dominate your competitor audiences with your brand? Of course you do. The only way to defeat competition is to get to the bottom of why you are not beating them now. Our complete digital marketing audit gets under the skin of your brand, we learn everything about you and your website. We check what works and what is just pure crap. Then we sprinkle the golden dust, give you a long, branded PDF with our audit and write you a giant cardboard check for the money it will win you. Swim in your vault of gold as we do the dirty, goal and result-led work. The industry has no depth, no commercial thinking. We're the best digital agency Manchester has and will ever see again. We're bringing it back to where it should be – thick, green folds in your pocket.

The full digital marketing agency audits include:

  • SEO insights including Tech SEO, Content Marketing and Digital PR
  • PPC analysis and recommendations
  • Paid Social consultation
  • Keyword analysis and competitor positioning
  • Evidence-based plan and timescales
  • Digital marketing experts leading the strategy
  • Comprehensive, custom tailored reporting

Have a specific audit in mind?

PPC audit

Nearly every PPC account we audit has considerable errors or missed opportunities. It’s damning and preventable. Freelance PPC consultants can't compete with the big boys. Tiny PPC agencies charge a fortune to make up for the small d*ck work they do. The popular agencies have too many clients to care about your results the way they should – they'll charge £600 per month and treat you like a skidmark in their calendar.

We see too many poor PPC campaigns, wasting money on plastic pay per click ammo when you could be using advertising to drive an artillery unit through your competition. This is easily rectified with brains, expertise, time and the right team behind you.

Paid Social audit

All the metrics point to success, but your paid social campaign is missing one thing: conversions. We scoff at ad campaigns that don't make you rich. Until Paid Social brings in audiences with intent to buy and convert – it's not a campaign – it's a junior playing with your social media accounts.

Dark Horse Paid Social audits make sense of the chaos and crap, leaving you with actionable information to fire your turd of a Manchester digital agency. We don't sugar coat, our Paid Social experts will give you blunt advice to build a stronghold of a campaign. Our transparency allows you to make smart, impactful decisions… and to shower your bank account with green.

SEO audit

Digital marketing agencies out there throw SEO keywords and shitey vanity metrics around and call it your audit. But did you know they don't include Content Marketing, Digital PR and a full spectrum of Technical SEO in their work? Well, Dark Horse does. You deserve to know about every error, issue, gap, as well as missed opportunities that your website is hiding. We don't just tell you how to fix meta tags and we don't bully you into accepting MoM organic traffic as the only metric.

We analyse, research and highlight where you are and where you SHOULD be doing in organic search. Then we set you up with a real strategy that makes conversions happen.

Why Dark Horse?

We only hire the very best. The smarter we work, the more money we make you. We have client relationships spanning years. That's not down to business patter and fancy lunches, it's down to the cold hard cash we are handing them.

We offer incredible value. Our services don't cost a bomb. We're based up North keeping our overheads down to give you the best price. Dark Horse has people who really get it, making decisions and delivering results that leave you wondering why it took you so long to get in touch.

We're not for everyone. We get on best with companies who want results and understand that empirical data informs winning decisions not your gut instinct on colour palettes. We don’t have any intention of offending but we will be direct in suggesting all conquering tactics. If you want to wreak tyranny on your opponents, then find out if we can work together. Parley over a hob nob.