PPC account audits that help you get seen

PPC account audits that help you get seen

Can you PPC me now? Paid Search only seems mysterious if you don't know what you're doing. Some agencies may have led you to believe PPC is their ally. They merely adopted it; we were born from it. Their efforts betray you because they belong to us.

Our bespoke PPC audit may make you feel uncomfortable. It's more than a simple peek under the hood. If you're not keen to hear how your Google ads are failing you, or how your display advertising is falling shy of the right eyes - it might be best to find an agency who will tell you what you want to hear. Dark Horse will never shy away from brutal honesty, because we know that our recommendations are going to have tangible results.

We're here to shake up the norms, to make every effort that your PPC campaigns work for you - not against you. This is not achieved by friendly chit chats and undeserved pats on the back, but rather a ferociously honest analysis of how your remarketing efforts and paid social spend can rake in the cash while you get on with what matters; running your business. This may well be the most important audit you carry out, and the one that helps you realise that paid advertising holds the potential of raising or razing your brand.

We've invested blood, sweat and tears into the way we spend your money to make more of it. And we know that the backbone of any great campaign is the foundation you build it off. Instead of cutting corners and delivering a bot-produced, automated 'analysis' under the premise of a PPC audit – we investigate every single aspect of your PPC campaigns and offer expert insight into untapped opportunities, missed chances and the potential your PPC campaigns hold.

Whether you have invested your spend in Google, Bing, or any other search engine, we leave no stone unturned in our fight to produce the biggest, best and most badass PPC results that get you noticed. That's what it's about. That's why you'll hire us. We make you more money. We make you famous by combining research, analysis and audience personas to ensure you get a bespoke plan that actually works.

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Dark Horse PPC audit

128 points for us to consider, and just one for you: will this make me money? Expert here, expert there. Our PPC heroes have massive clicks, maybe that's their secret to success? Or maybe it's their creative prowess and actual understanding of how to make Paid Search work for you. It's not all about predictions, trends or staying ahead of the curve. Our approach is data-driven, with constant testing, revision and implementation. Winning is a science, and Neil DeGrasse Tyson would be impressed.

Our Paid Search audit promises

  • Expect revenue focused, actionable insights and accurate improvement forecasts.
  • We actively look for opportunities to improve efficiency. Just because something works, doesn't mean it can't work better.
  • We constantly explore untapped channels or audiences. Instead of repeating the same message to the same audience, we find the right places for you to be and get your brand in front of hungry eyes.
  • We use all the latest and most relevant Google products, tools and trends. What better way to setup for success than get some help from the master.
  • We also understand that Google - as all-encompassing as it is - is not the only search engine to pay attention to. We make sure you're present in every place you should be, delivering the right message, at the right time, to the right people.
  • Quality assessments make sure we maintain the service levels and outputs we promised you from the beginning. We hold ourselves accountable for your success and make continual strides towards offering bigger, better and more profitable PPC campaigns through PPC audits that explore aspects you might never have considered.
  • We monitor industry benchmarks and keep you up to speed with new developments. Lagging behind the competition is not an option. Our goal is to help you get ahead, stay ahead - and be the industry-leading brand you richly deserve.
  • Our creative ideas stem from experienced professionals, not a junior fresh out of uni. Combining experience with passion and throwing agency norms to the wind are some aspects of what make Dark Horse the agency you wish you found sooner.


Clicks out for Harambe.

Why use our PPC Audit Services?

We've built our teams steadily. They are actual experts who can give you honest feedback and real answers to any questions you have. Our PPC heroes know their sh*t. They won't use industry jargon to make themselves sound like geniuses (their knowledge does that quite well already).

Team praises aside - we want to ask you: why stop at PPC auditing?

If we're going to be all up in your business, why not let us conduct a FREE SEO audit or Paid Social audit for you?

We know that SEO and PPC work on opposite teams, but much towards the same goal. At literally no further cost to you, or any of your time spent analysing your site - why not hand over the reins to us and let us conduct The Complete Audit for you. PPC, SEO, Paid Social. What better way to understand the full story than to paint a beautiful picture?

Is a PPC audit ever really 'free'?

Genuine article PPC experts know that sharing their insights and findings from your site will take nothing away from them. The information is there for everyone to see in any case, which leads us beautifully into our next question: what have your current PPC agency been doing all along? Why are your paid marketing efforts so underwhelming? Why aren't they proactively working at making them better?

We're sorry you've been had, and we're sorry you might have been forced to pay for your PPC audit. Our PPC audit service is completely, entirely, whole heartedly free. No financial cost, no obligations. You're even free to hand over our findings to your in-house team, but we know that when you want a job done right, the first place to turn to is Dark Horse.

Why Dark Horse for your PPC account review?

Other agencies will come in cheaper; some more expensive and others somewhere in the middle. The real difference between other PPC agencies and Dark Horse lies in our values. Not some made up, pie in the sky mission and vision. Genuine, intrinsic values that enable us to give you what you pay for.

  • We tell you exactly what's preventing your ads from attracting the right clicks.
  • We won't sugar-coat serious problems. If there's something we can't fix, we'll tell you.
  • We're nice people. This makes it easy for us to slot into your existing digital setup - whether you use an in-house team, or you want a collaborative approach on technical fixes with your web developers - we're sure they'll love us.
  • No excuses here. We stick to and deliver on every promise we make.

The Dark Horse difference

Our investment is our people. We hire experienced, strategic thinkers who work to make a difference where it counts; your bottom line. Our existing client relationships span years and are based on a solid foundation of trust and deliverables. We are proud to foster open conversations around the goals your PPC campaigns, Google ads campaigns and display advertising aim to achieve. Our PPC agency team works relentlessly to achieve these goals and highlight real opportunities that will get you the results you deserve. We make promises, and we stick to them. You can hold us accountable.

Our Altrincham-based PPC agency offers unmatched value. Our PPC services don’t cost a bomb. By choosing to headquarter our PPC agency in Altrincham, we can keep our overheads low and pass those savings on to you. We aren't spending your money or billable hours playing a game of darts on a Friday afternoon. We're analysing, strategising and implementing forward-thinking campaigns. We're doing what we get paid to do, while you get on with doing what you do: running your business. Dark Horse is brimming with passionate people who really get it, making decisions and delivering results that leave you wondering why it took you so long to get in touch.

We know we’re not for everyone. We all fancy a catch-up over lunch, but in all honesty, we get along best with businesses who want real results and understand that empirical data informs winning decisions – not your gut instinct on colour palettes. We don't have any intention of offending, but we will be direct in suggesting all conquering tactics. If you want to wreak tyranny on your opponents, then find out if we can work together.

Hail a PPC manager now by filling in this form. If you want a better idea of the audit process, let us know.