An SEO agency second to none

An SEO agency second to none

Never hate your enemies. It affects your judgment. Instead, let our SEO mob get you ahead of your competition - and keep you there. We don't rely on weak audit programs. They say the lawyer with the briefcase can steal more money than the man with the gun. Well, wait until you see what you can do with a team armed with expert insight and a will-do attitude.

We rely on the knowledge and creative force of our SEO dons to carry out comprehensive, bespoke audits and develop a plan that works for your business. The trifecta of success - Technical SEO, Digital PR and Content - will get you onto page one and get your bank balance to span more than one page.

Search. Engine. Optimisation. Three words that roll off the tongue. Google dominates search engine preference, and we understand that getting Google to notice you is going to take more than a few meta description re-writes. While your competitors vie for attention through barely thought-out keyword additions, we're busy analysing algorithms and making sure the results you serve are going to result in more than 'just a ranking'. Our SEO audits uncover a lot of harsh truths, so all we ask is that you're prepared to take that shot with a pinch of salt and a bite on a lime.

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Make a killing on page one. Start with your full SEO review

Optimisation: the act of making something the best it could possibly be. How very telling. How very Dark Horse.

Instead of cutting corners, our SEO audit process finds its way into every nook and cranny of your website to make impactful changes that keep raking the cash in, years down the line. Some agencies might be okay with keyword stuffing as a side to year-round, average content, but that's not how Dark Horse works. We take our time to research, learn and adopt best practices into everything we touch. We'll make you an offer you can’t refuse.

Our bespoke SEO audit process

  • Two-fold assessments help us understand where and how to implement SEO for the biggest financial benefit to you. Our Technical search engine optimisation analysis helps us highlight quick-win opportunities, unlock long-term growth prospects, and allows us to uncover underlying technical issues that are preventing you from reaching your potential.
  • In-depth competitor analysis means we take time to see where others have fallen short. We learn from their mistakes so that you don't have to. We understand the true nature of online competition and have practical, yet creative ways, of overtaking their lead.
  • Expect a dose of truth about how big your slice of the pie really is. We analyse how much of a share of SERP real estate you already own to give us a clear idea of where to focus your campaigns to either improve or maintain your foothold. We unlock strategic opportunities to help you optimise your existing outlay, copy and site structure to give you more exposure to the right search queries.
  • Bespoke SEO content audits uncover keyword gaps, realise the chance for new content and implement the top linking strategies to make the copy on your site the best it can be. Great rankings are not born that way, they need to be nurtured. And our content strategy ensures that.
  • We look at your brand through PR eyes to find the best opportunities to secure coverage in local and national media. While we're conducting essential technical fixes, we also analyse key link-building opportunities to strengthen your SEO link profile.

Is an SEO audit ever 'free'?

The fact that this is a legitimate question makes us weep silently. In most cases - yes! The good cops of the SEO world know that sharing their insights and findings from your site will take nothing away from them.

The information is there for everyone to see in any case, which leads us beautifully into our next question: what have your current SEO agency been doing all along? Why are there easily resolved technical and content-related SEO issues on your site?

We're sorry you've been had, and we're sorry you might have been tricked into being forced to pay for your SEO audit. Our SEO audit service is completely, entirely, whole heartedly free. No financial cost, no obligations. You're even free to hand over our findings to your in-house team, but we know that when you want a job done right, the first place to turn to is Dark Horse.

Why not go all-in?

We see you swaying closer to the contact form, but before you make your mind up, hear us out. We know that SEO and PPC work on separate teams, but much towards the same goal. At no further cost to you, or any of your time spent analysing your site - hand over the reins to us and let us conduct The Complete Audit for you. PPC, SEO and paid social.

What better way to understand the full story than to paint a beautiful picture?  We learn the ins and outs; get to know what your site needs – and what won’t stick. We purge the rubbish and create impactful changes that strengthen your business position. There is no more in-depth audit in the industry today. We dare you to take us up on that!

Why Dark Horse for your SEO review?

We know other agencies will come in cheaper; some more expensive and others somewhere in the middle. The real difference between other SEO agencies and Dark Horse lies in our values. Not some made up, pie in the sky mission and vision. Rather - real, intrinsic and tangible values that enable us to give you what you pay for.

  • We tell you exactly what's preventing your site from ranking on search engines.
  • We won't sugar-coat serious problems. If there's something we can't fix, we'll tell you.
  • We're nice people. This makes it easy for us to slot into your existing digital setup - whether you use an in-house team, or you want a collaborative approach on technical fixes with your web developers - we're sure they'll love us.
  • The links effect. Attract, retain, get them begging. We'll take a long, hard look at your competitors and understand their M.O for inbound links. Then we'll devise a strategy to kick them to the curb and steal their loot (metaphorically, of course!)
  • 404: excuses not found. We stick to and deliver on every promise we make.

Why Dark Horse?

An Altrincham SEO agency that accepts nothing but the best. The best input results in the best output - plain and simple. City-centre agency Goliaths might enjoy using the enthused, fresh-out-of-uni type, but we understand that hiring the top talent equates to more money for you - in less time. Our client relationships span years - more years than the combined experience of the intern-heavy SEO departments so many agencies rely on. These relationships exist and thrive because of the genuine results (in the form of cold, hard cash) we provide our customers. Nothing beats good old-fashioned experience - except perhaps the delivery on promises and irrefutable evidence of success.


No bells and whistles. We offer genuine value to businesses who understand the merit of hard-earned money. Our services don’t cost an arm and a leg. Basing our SEO agency offices in Altrincham helps to keep our overheads low so we can pass that saving on to you. You won't catch our digital marketing heroes playing ping pong on your billable hours in an overly fancy lunchroom. We're brimming with ambitious, enthusiastic and talented professionals who truly get it. Once you've experienced the Dark Horse difference - seen us deliver on our promises and provide you with tangible results - it may leave you wondering why it took you so long to get in touch in the first place.


Dark Horse is simply not for everyone. We're not about to waste your time, nor your money. It's not our intention to offend, but we will be direct in suggesting the right tactics, even if it's not what you want to hear. Wreaking tyranny on your competitors is not achieved by friendly banter and constant agreement. It's achieved by facing hard truths and standing up to outdated agency norms. Sound good? It is. What's even better are the real results you can expect, based on informed decisions and expert execution.


If you're still reading at this point - perhaps we need a chat. We'll throw in a biscuit for good measure.

We're ready to take charge when you are.