What’s so social about social media?

What’s so social about social media?

Is it in?

I can't feel any difference.

When will this be over?




Does this sound like your current experience with Paid Social ads? Are your campaigns not working the way you'd hoped, or giving you anti-climactic results? Come to the Dark side. We know how to get your attention in two seconds - the same amount of time you have to grab a user's attention when they're furiously scrolling through their social. But we also know the follow-through is just as important as the clincher.

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The team of brains and driving force behind our Paid Social campaigns are some resilient mother buffers. They roll with the punches, learn the attacker's tactics, and come back harder. But we also understand that the best way to win the next round is to understand what got the crowd gathered round to watch the fight in the first place.

Our approach is data-driven, with constant testing, revision and implementation. What works today might not work at all tomorrow. We keep our Paid Social team agile, running circles around the competition and flexing at every chance they get. They have the best fighting chance to kick your competitors to the ground and start winning you more customers. Good bandits? Maybe. We're here to weed out the cowboys and claim their loot as yours. Simple as.

Distracted from distraction by distraction

Is the best tactic for a distracted audience simply more distraction? No.

Its intentional interruption instigating the intention to invest. The I's have it.

Our Paid Social pundits have more years of experience behind them than social media has existed.

  • We uncover opportunity to improve efficiency from the second we lay eyes on your site. Just because something works, doesn't mean it can't work better.
  • We are industry benchmark watchdogs. We'll keep you up to speed with new developments, because lagging behind the competition is just not an option.
  • You can confidently expect revenue focused, actionable insights and accurate improvement forecasts. We just want to make you wealthy.
  • Come to expect creative ideas from experienced professionals, not a junior fresh out of uni.
  • We constantly explore untapped channels or audiences. Instead of repeating the same message to the same audience, we find the right places for you to be and get your brand in front of the ideal audience.
  • Our quality assessments keep us accountable to maintaining the service levels we agreed to in the beginning.
  • We use all the latest and most relevant Google products, tools and trends. What better way to setup for success than get some help from the master?

Turn your screams from plight to delight. We're here when you need us.

Why Dark Horse?

We only hire the very best. The smarter we work, the more money we make you. We have client relationships spanning years. That’s not down to business patter and fancy lunches, it’s down to the cold hard cash we are handing them.

We offer incredible value. Our services don’t cost a bomb. We’re based up North keeping our overheads down to give you the best price. Dark Horse has people who really get it, making decisions and delivering results that leave you wondering why it took you so long to get in touch.

We’re not for everyone. We get on best with companies who want results and understand that empirical data informs winning decisions not your gut instinct on colour palettes. We don't have any intention of offending but we will be direct in suggesting all conquering tactics. If you want to wreak tyranny on your opponents, then find out if we can work together. Gab over a garibaldi?