Content is

Content is


Quality content means everything. Of course, it doesn't. Content doesn't pay your staff wages or keep the lights on. This is in fact, ironically, the type of shite copy and justification that copywriters charge for! Quality content is super important as part of an overall SEO strategy. On it’s own, it’s power is blunted.

The reality is that most SME's believe that Content is everything and without any thought, planning or strategy, write one useless blog a month that has zero SEO or monetary impact. The SME’s then believe their own hype that only they can write such witty and detailed prose about their incredibly difficult industry. You don't get to write blogs of this calibre sonny jim without the 25 years' experience et al.

Utter pony.

SEO Copywriting and Content is a very different and highly skilled beast. Experience and industry know- how is important but so are the SEO knowledge, tools and software highlighting the content opportunities. Most companies do not write content with these integral search principles in mind, so you get the classic blog for blogs sakes which produces the square route of jack in terms of money. We are not talking blogs here per se, we are talking surveys, interviews and highly researched projects. ‘7 reasons to’ ….. is just 2009.

SEO Copywriting as a service is quite mundane to write about. That’s not a reflection on our skills. It’s just a fact. It’s writing about writing. Read about the service on award winning agency websites - it's painful stuff. It’s an ancient battle of grabbing your attention and keeping Google happy. That's why part of this page is about process and boring stuff – to keyword enrich for search engines. We know that no one want's a drill, they just want the bastard hole. We are fully aware that this content is dull, but it will make us money. This is user friendly content to read and content about our process to keep G sweet.

SEO, how do you write a piece to keep users' content and eyes on the copy? See below;

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War of the words

SEO Copywriting is our hero keyword for this page and for that it always comes first. Shit content will copy other websites and writers for a quick but short-term SEO boost. Sometimes, we use impact short sentences. Sometimes. Other times, when the user is engaged or content, we will write and hide keywords relevant to our copy. This is easier in longer sentences with a flow and a rhythm. Search for them if you like, they are in here but the copy should read organically. It should be optimised, like a well oiled engine and never cause stress like an increase in traffic on the road.

SEO Copywriting requires a specific set of skills and the right level of know-how. Our Copywriting teams are experts and have a vast knowledge of writing all kinds of content for multiple industries. Some of the Copywriting services we offer are:

  • Landing page content
  • Product descriptions
  • Web banner writing
  • Web content writing
  • Whitepapers
  • Infographics
  • How to guides
  • Guest posts

Don't get lost in the noise. Business is war without bullets. This is more than blogging. This is expertise, strategy and access to tools and data to inform decisions. We know the audiences, we know the tricks, we know what works. In the below section, we have changed to a more formal tone to show you that we can be flexible.

Making SEO Copywriting a success

If your website is going to be a success, it needs content that draws a crowd and sells your business. To do this, you need SEO Copywriting. Here at Dark Horse, we offer an advanced approach to website content writing that combines two techniques for maximum effect:

  • Copywriting is the art of writing content that entertains, persuades and informs. Content that turns interest into action, and readers into customers.
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a way to increase the amount of organic traffic to a website by appearing higher up the pecking order on Google.

When combined, SEO Copywriting will make a powerful ally for any business website. A marketing tool that attracts traffic and converts clicks into new customers.

Dark Horse SEO Copywriting:

Research and analysis

In-depth research and analysis, followed by campaign planning. We understand the brief to assess purpose and its position under a broader SEO campaign. Research appropriate keywords and exploit the opportunity for maximum results. We understand branding and correct tone of voice. Then we share an initial outreach of ideas.

Internal proofing

Review copy, density, tone, key points, Technical SEO aspects and whether it hits and destroys the spot.


Publish and outreach

Identifying and liaising with third-party publishers to get content placed on sites. Promote larger "content assets" with the aim of securing a higher volume of links and mentions.

Pen to paper

This is where the research and planning pays off. Let the creative juices flow and produce genius following any physical relevant layouts.


Client feedback

Bask in the glow of client praise. Feel temporarily smug. Amend if client is wrong with their feedback.

'Ish SEO statistics:

  • A dock off % of content and sites that we audit are turd
  • Nearly all of blog content that we audit has contributed FA to profits and conversions
  • The majority of blog content that we audit is written by a marketing manager that has made no assessment of impact or use of industry hitting tools specifically designed for this purpose. They are too busy writing shite that starts with 7 reasons why….
  • Content and good copy is pretty hard. You are more than likely not doing it well
  • Freelancers are Centre Parcs, expensive
  • 100% of English Grads with a Desmond go into blogging and call themselves SEO Managers
  • 79% of all cheap content written by students or offshore is utter chronic

The Dark Horse experience

Unbelievable tekkers - Industry big hitters that go to conferences and everything. No YTS or apprentices. We actively discriminate on experience and brains. Guilty. Meme and GIF savvy to boot.

No waffle - We all hate sass. We just want to work with people who focus on commercial goals, nice clever people who are contactable and allow us to get results. Direct, truthful and accountable.

Drum recommended or award-winning - Only yanking your chain, that would be an aberration of a reason to select such an important partner. Any company can be Drum recommended by paying that £1000 per year for the logo and getting three (just three) of your mates to vouch for you. Business awards cost £2000 for a table of 10. This is also called sponsorship.

Personality - The unquantifiable bit. You don't want to work with knaves or rogues who offer crap service and dregs of communication. We work hard and won't rest until we win this for you. This is important and you need to trust the company you work with. Can you trust people who say the word 'synergy '?