The links

The links

Digital PR and outreach is a money maker

Digital PR and outreach is a posh name for generating awareness of your brand, content and generating quality links. It's a heady mix of organisation, relationships, marketing creativity and persistence that is key to making sure that all the content you produce gets the targeting audience required.
Like any good marketing channel, the results are tangible, can be benchmarked and understood by all. Focus can be given to whatever objective is important - high domain authority links, brand recognition, traffic flow and conversions or engagement. We utilise our massive black book and secure you the coverage that builds returns and hits your targets. Digital PR is a huge service that covers several areas.

  • Creative content – is the strategy and spark ideas of what we want to communicate and to whom
  • Outreach the content - build high domain authority links, get featured in relevant tier media and social
  • Amplify the brand - results of the above deliver audience, engagement, trust and sales


Put simply; if it's going to make you money and help towards your targets, we will go down on any amount of journos and hacks to get the job done and secure the right coverage. A link's a link.

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What does Digital PR involve?

Buy your Digital PR and get your outreach free!

Digital PR and outreach is such a wanky term but the effects are anything other. It's a huge part of SEO results. To get the best out of it, you need to know that your content is going to be packaged correctly and end up in the greased palms of the right hands. Journalists love a scoop and by scoop, we mean a pre-packaged, do no work, ready to go, perfect content that they can publish. It's all in a 5 min work for the press. It's like a massage with a happy ending. The ego gets oiled and then our clients get lots of links for their money. The money is not handed over discreetly in an envelope prior to any small talk.

Our industry experts give your site some serious link roids. They’re more than support SEO and Content with factors like:

  • Digital PR strategy
  • Media placements
  • Content creation
  • Journalist schmoozing
  • Press Release distribution

Dark Horse SEO services include:

Research and analysis (audit)

In-depth research and analysis, followed by campaign planning. We take time to look through your existing SEO strategy and take a look at the market landscape to see what is working well and what could do with a little extra TLC. From this, we can also look at what your competitors are up to, identify audiences and personas as well as the optimum keywords you should be targeting.


Technical implementation & on-page content optimisation

This is where our strategy and planning comes into play. We ensure that your website is easily crawlable by search engines, that it is structurally optimised and that its content services both users and search engines alike.


Publisher & journalist outreach, article writing

Identifying and liasing with third-party publishers and producing content for placement on these sites.

Strategy formulation & planning

Using all the data we can find in the research and analysis stage we put together a plan of action. We formulate a strategy with your business targets/goals in mind adapting for as and when it may be needed.


Ideation and seed outreach

Ok so Ideation is a toss way of saying - have a brilliant idea. Before those ideas get executed, pre-qualify them by leverging relationship and getting the influencers prepped for them to drop. This is about targeting.


PR or content-led campaigns

Planning, producing and promoting larger "content assests" with the aim of securing a higher volume of links and mentions.



We produce a monthly report that is meaningful and jargon-free. We focus purely on our agreed KPIs.

Just your standard ***** excellence:

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The Dark Horse experience

God mode experience - Industry experts. No juniors or trainees. We actively discriminate on experience and brains. Guilty. We wine and dine the gits so you don't have too.

No flim-flam - We tell you how it is. Not in a northern rude bastard type of way - just direct and to the point. No hiding here, no excuses, no communications hurdles. You want to know how much money you are making. We'll tell you.

Drum recommended or award-winning - Only joking, that would be a dottyreason to choose an agency. The kind of thing that Karen or Nigiel from marketing would use as a barometer when they are completely out of their depth. As we all should know, any company can be Drum recommended by paying that £1000 per year for the logo and getting three (just three) of your mates to vouch for you. Business awards cost £2000 for a table of 10. Like Sponsorship.

Personality – This is a tricky part. We don't hide that we are not for everyone. We're not arses but we just get on best with companies who want to push on and understand data. We will be proactive with ideas and we want them to be considered. That's not so bad is it?