Only d*cks
are happy
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Only d*cks
are happy
with page 3

SEO is all or nothing. 'Good' isn't enough

It’s the opposite of the music industry – number 1 still means something. Secure the top spot in Google search results and be the pick of the crop. Dark Horse make you money by generating unpaid, natural rankings. Positions that demand respect and lead to conversions.

Good SEO gets you seen; great SEO gives your business access to whole new level of sales and profits. Dark Horse works with companies who want change, who want to realise their potential. We elevate our clients through technical SEO, Content and Outreach excellence. SEO in 2020 requires diverse skills and a team of increasing dedicated expertise. This is not some shit you can do yourself from reading a book or Moz.


How will SEO benefit me and my business?

SEO makes your company self-reliant. It can reduce the amount you need to spend on PPC and in turn reduces reliance on eCommerce marketplaces like Amazon or NOTHS which take a huge chunk of your profits. Without solid SEO, you are putting your eggs in other peoples baskets. It also improves your brand reputation among first-time searchers and returning customers. Dark Horse SEO builds a solid technical foundation to catapult you to the top of search engine result pages, grab searchers by the scruff of the neck and frogmarch them to convert.

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The Complete SEO Service

We’re shit hot at SEO. We deliver technical SEO, content marketing and digital PR as part of the deal. Tell us your Goliaths and we will conquer them. We are not interested in making friends here. We want dominance for our clients. We don’t want to qualify for the top 4; that’s Arsenal’s ambition level. We want to win the the league and create a dynasty. Your plan will target people with intent, people with money, people who want to buy. Now.

SEO services include:

  • Full SEO audit & evidence-based plan
  • Technical SEO and web coding
  • Creative content campaigns and winning outreach
  • Industry experts demystifying the fog of SEO
  • Ascendency and imperium

Know the SEO discipline you would like to focus on?

Technical SEO

Technical SEO lays the foundations for search engines to find, organise and understand key pages on a website. It's essential. A powerful website is a lighthouse in a storm. Our industry experts grab hold of your site and turn it on its head checking for errors that could hold you down. Slingshot your business to the top of Google and create a website that serves you and your users. This is not about reading a book or blog and thinking you can do this yourself. You need to be sh*t hot at coding and have years of experience to pull this off. It ain’t meta descriptions.

Digital PR

The Dark Horse little black book is anything but little. It’s brimming with journalists who make shit happen not the paps who snap Kerry Katona, more feature editors and article writers. We do the leg work putting together bold PR campaigns and stories before using our relationships with the press and media to grab an online audience. We can target nationwide or industry specific, curating the audience you need.


It's the blood that pulses through the veins of your business. The mechanism for grabbing your audience's attention, for storming the castle and capturing the flag. Excellent content is the voice of your brand as well as an instrument for SEO. More than words. More than copy. More than blog posts. Content makes it happen.

Local SEO

Be world famous within 5 miles. Dominate your local market. Command business in your local area and be rewarded by search engines with higher rankings. We build location-specific citations and do competitor analysis to set ambitious targets.

Link building

Strong links from strong domains are so important for SEO. Content and sites without backlinks frequently underperform. They create noise for you, rounding up people with intent and sending them straight to your door. Make your domain authority and search rankings surge. Create new advocates for your brand by harnessing relevant audiences.

Blogger outreach

Use our contacts to wreak havoc on your competition. Infiltrate the loyal blogger communities and boycott their trust, building your reach and boosting your winnings. We are experts at negotiating and having direct conversations with the bloggers who will help you make converting and profitable noise.

Why Dark Horse?

We only hire the very best. The smarter we work, the more money we make you. We have client relationships spanning years. That's not down to business patter and fancy lunches, it's down to the cold hard cash we are handing them.

Aside from being legends, our services don't cost a bomb. We're based up North keeping our overheads down to give you the best price. Dark Horse has people who really get it, making noise and delivering results that leave you wondering why it took you so long to give us a call.

We're not for everyone. We get on best with companies who want results and understand the power of data. If you want to wreak tyranny on your opponents, then find out if we can work together. Jabber over a jammie dodger?

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