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Using the keyword builder excel file

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Thank you for requesting our keyword builder tool, click this button for the builder tool (excel file) to download. Then scroll down to watch our explainer video and the step-by-step guide of how to use it.

Keyword builder tool

Watch our “how to” video for full details on using the custom column predictive spend formula

Step 1:

Add in product name under the column titled “Product Title”

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Step 2:

Add in the different keyword tails you desire under “Tails”

Step 3:

Watch as each tail is added under the column “Keyword”

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Step 4:

Add in further product names

Our keyword builders are useful, but they aren’t going to save your Ad account from a PPC disaster.

We know our onions. Our PPC team have over 63 years of combined experience working in PPC. We have the equivalent of a team of PPC Yodas, led by Dave Karellen – the PPC master with over 11 years’ experience.

We’ve taken that knowledge and experience and distilled it into easily digestible modules to pass on the wisdom to you.

This course is CPD accredited.