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Gaugemasters’s Challenge

Gaugemaster is an established website selling modelling and crafting equipment focusing on train and railway products. Before Gaugemaster partnered with Dark Horse, back in September 2022, it was using Google Ads sparingly with an automated set up spend around £500-£1000 per month.

Gaugemaster was looking to expand on clicks and conversion volumes whilst maintaining a ROAS between 5-6x in the initial months. It wanted to grow its business but had strict starting budgets of £2k per month. Whilst Gaugemaster would consider increasing this budget – it would only be inline with increasing performance. Dark Horse knew this was the perfect challenge, this was its core DNA.

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Getting the engine sorted

With the low budgets, we had to concentrate ad spend on ads that we knew would provide the best ROI, in this case shopping campaigns. We initially tested various types
of shopping campaigns and bidding strategies over the course of two weeks, to build data, establishing which campaign type would be the best to work with for Gaugemaster.

From here, we built an overarching campaign and then we started to segment out the top performing brands and moving them into their own campaigns. Next step was to optimise campaigns bids, budgets, audiences and time of day bid adjustments for each brand and apply necessary budgets to scale volume and revenue.

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Riding the locomotive

We took on the challenge, tested the shopping campaign options and used data to drive the best route forward. This approach pays and it paid off big time for
Gaugemaster. Comparing year on year data (Oct-Dec 2022), we worked across the whole Sales funnel to bring increases to guarantee a pipeline and money in the pocket. Ad impressions increased by 85%, clicks increased by 94.7% and conversions increased to 53.2%. All of these improvements led to the most important factor, an increase in revenue, up by 70.2% compared to the year before.

We are modelling the way for Gaugemaster to continue with these results. We also delivered on the request of achieving a ROAS of 5-6x, delivering 5.7x in the first few months and this is now at 7.8x for January. Dark Horse doesn’t just deliver the minimum, it scales the growth to continue to deliver.

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increase in clicks


increase in conversions

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Increase in ROAS from 3x to 5.97x

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