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All our metrics directly impact your bottom line, zero fluff.

Our mission is to remove the subjective classic agency bulls**t from the world of marketing. Nonsense metrics leave us vexed, just as we know they grind your gears, which is why we measure success only in things that impact your bottom line.

Take a look at a number of our case studies so we can wave our clicks around. It’s crass to blow our own trumpet and we would never do that. How would you spend a 20% increase on your company’s bottom line? Reinvest and scale, take dividends, treat your team? OK, so it’s take dividends. We get that.

Rooty-toot–toot and rump-a-tum-tums.

Avenue 85

Avenue85, an e-comms clothing company, had heard about Dark Horse’s reputation. It came to us to grow its site and reduce third-party platform reliance. It had heard that Dark Horse was forensic in its actions. Avenue85 presented Dark Horse with a challenge; raise performance significantly to a minimum of 6x ROI, maximise revenue from 25 brands and achieve a cost of sales equal or better than Amazon. We accepted.

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Increase in revenue

Rhino Safety

Rhino Safety is a leading safety consultancy group. Rhino came to Dark Horse with a challenge of increasing current search visibility and conversions. Dark Horse was eager to deliver. Firstly, it conducted an audit to see where the issues lay and then developed strategy. This helped to communicate to Rhino Safety what the plan of action was and develop strong lines of communication. Challenge accepted.

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Increase in organic sessions

Christmas Tree World

Christmas Tree World designs and sells artificial Christmas trees and decorations. Focusing on realistic looks, speedy delivery and a range of styles, colours and shapes for any home. Dark Horse took over Christmas Tree World from a “top-drawer” agency, where results had stagnated, and it wasn't receiving the service it expected. Christmas Tree World had a specific, highly seasonal product to sell and needed a company that could react to the market to build brand recognition and deliver fast growth in a limited time period. Dark Horse rose to the challenge.

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Increase in revenue, 95% increased ROAS during January

New Care

New Care Homes is a business centred around expertly designed, high-specification care homes. New Care wanted to increase its search visibility in specific geographical locations. It came to us with the aim to increase conversions and search reach near to where its care homes were based. In terms of business-to-consumer lead gen, New Care, in the majority of cases, wasn't directly targeting its benefactors of the home, but often relatives of them. Dark Horse developed its strategy considering both the website to create a strong foundation and content to drive intent-based traffic. It was time to get started, it was time for Dark Horse to get forensic.

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Growth in keywords


Maximuscle is the UK's premier sports nutrition brand, focussing on highly effective, research-supported nutritional products. Its aim is to help consumers achieve their physique, sporting and fitness goals. Since 1995, it has helped millions of people push harder, go faster and further. Break limits and personal bests. Build confidence and realise dreams. Whether you are an elite sportsperson, a gym purist or a complete beginner, maximuscle is the go-to sports nutrition brand.

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Increase in ROAS from 3x to 5.97x


WildBounds has a passion for the outdoors and all things adventure - big and small. Live life to the fullest, challenge yourself and push yourself beyond the bounds of your comfort zone. A philosophy we, here at Dark Horse, mirror. So, when we engaged with WildBounds for Paid Search (PPC) management, we knew this was going to be a great journey. WildBounds had struggled in recent years to find the right partner to manage its PPC Search Campaigns. It needed someone with extreme competence and total diligence to take over and help climb to new heights. It was time to get our fingers dirty.

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increase in revenue year on year

Buffalo 7

Buffalo 7 is a UK-based premium specialist PowerPoint presentation design agency. It exists to help the world’s best brands deliver incredible presentations. It transforms business facts, figures and values into a compelling and rich narrative that helps strengthen stakeholder relationships and increase client capital wealth. This fantastic PowerPoint powerhouse agency wanted to know more about our video audit to see how its current campaigns were running and if any improvements could be made.

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backlinks created for Buffalo 7

Hollands Country Clothing

Hollands Country Clothing Ltd. is a family-owned online retailer, specialising in outdoor and country clothing. From humble beginnings, since coming under Dark Horse's protection, Hollands has seen steady growth with their business and become a one-million-pound company! No longer a small marketplace, Hollands Country Clothing is now a leading online retailer. Hollands was hungry and ambitious to become a market leader in outdoor fashion and retail – just the type of client Dark Horse likes to work with.

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increase in revenue from around £100k to £1 million in revenue