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The management and optimisation of Google Shopping ads is a technical and creative process that can make massively impact revenue… If you’ve got the right Google Shopping agency to set you up.

The beauty of Shopping ads is that it offers users a rich visual experience with instant, relevant information available. Once they click through to your site, they are full of intent. The inevitable happens; their baskets swell up with products and your treasure chest is filled with their coins.

If you’re an ecommerce company and you’re not using Google Shopping Ads (or not using them correctly), then you need a Google Shopping agency to show you the ropes. We know what makes shoppers tick and how to turn those impressions into clicks.

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Google Shopping Ads the Dark Horse way

Our approach as a Google Shopping agency is simple – we take all the relevant products and make sure that Google has all the live information it needs to display your ads. Once your feed is integrated, it will be optimised ongoing. We will break in that feed and manage it embracing cutting edge tools and the best PPC brains in the North West. Here’s what the service includes:

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Getting forensic

We let data do the talking, analysing the performance of your current Google Shopping Ad campaigns to determine where the opportunities lie. Then, we dive deeper into your business, industry and goals and assess which buyer personas we should target.

The killer strategy

Using our research, we create a strategy that starts with you. Our experts get together to creatively build you a plan to win. Our core objective is simple; make you as much money as possible and outwit your competition. In other words, get you dominating.

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Audience & targeting

Our campaign segmentation strategy looks at queries, the funnel and intent. We cover product performance, value, category and combinations thereof. Top performing audiences are also segmented with bespoke rules and attention.

Campaign optimisation and growth

Once the campaign has accumulated data about the products and conversions, we use insights to inform future bidding, targeting, segmentation and testing, keeping your goals in the forefront.

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Did you know that 48% of all online shoppers start their search for a product on Google? Google Shopping Ads are the only way to rank on top of Google search results and be guaranteed to get seen by those users dripping with intent. Let’s line your pockets.

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Why do Google Shopping Ads with Dark Horse?

This is who we are, plain and simple:

  • Jam hot experience – Industry experts. No juniors or trainees. We actively discriminate on experience and brains. Guilty. Google Partner Certified with Shopping specialisation. You can take that to the bank.
  • Zero prattle – We tell you how it is. You have full visibility in what we do. No toss stats or pompous exaggerated reports, just positive trendlines on your bank balance.
  • Drum recommended or award-winning – That would be a half-witted reason to select an agency. Any company can be Drum recommended by paying that £1000 per year for the logo and getting three (just three) of your mates to vouch for you. Business awards cost £2000 for a table of 10. This is sponsorship.
  • Personality – You can have all the case studies in the world but if you’re an arse of a company with an unwilling attitude then it’s game over. Sensible, smart, nice people is what is required here.
  • Reasonable. Not just thinking about their margin. We want to tell other agencies to stick their “banked hours” where the sun doesn’t shine.
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Google Shopping campaign management from the experts. Our PPC masterminds are here to bid away and win you money. Let us make you oodles of cash.

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Google Shopping FAQs

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What are Google Shopping ads?
What are Google Shopping ads? - Expand

Formerly known as Product Listing ads, Google Shopping Ads are sponsored listings found at the top of search results that display an image of the product, its price and the retailer’s website. If a user clicks through, they will be taken straight to said website to complete the purchase. The best part? A user who clicks on a Google Shopping Ad is covered with sticky, thick intent – and far more likely to hand over their cash.

Picture this: you’re sitting at your computer, thinking about your visit to that new hipster pub, can’t get that bonsai moss ball tree out of your head… Just get it, Google it. Bam. You type it in and before you even get any website results, you see those delicious little ad cards pop up. All the prices displayed right before your eyes, images showing you how beautiful the product looks. You even see some ratings… better go with the higher rating and lower pricing. And there you are – being lured in by a Google Shopping Ad.

Where do Shopping Ads appear?
Where do Shopping Ads appear? - Expand

Google Shopping Ads typically appear at the top of search results pages when a user searches for a product on Google. They may also appear on other Google properties, such as Google Images and Google Maps, or be displayed on other websites through the Google AdSense Network.

How to optimise Google Shopping Ads
How to optimise Google Shopping Ads - Expand

High-quality product images: Use clear, detailed images that accurately represent the product. You want it to draw the eye, so it ends up in someone’s basket

  • Relevant titles and descriptions: Optimising titles and descriptions around a keyword will help your products show up in relevant search results
  • Product categories: Assigning each of your products to specific categories helps
  • Negative keywords: You don’t want to waste ad spend showing your products to people who aren’t interested. Using negative keywords to exclude certain words or phrases from triggering your ads ensures they’re only shown to users who are interested in your products
  • Target audiences: Use factors like locations, interests and past search history to reach the right audience who is interested in your products
  • Monitor and optimise your bid strategy: Monitor the performance of your ads and adjust your bid strategy accordingly. If certain ads are performing well, consider increasing your bid to get more visibility. If certain ads are underperforming, consider decreasing your bid or pausing the ad

If this sounds like too much to take on without expert help, speak to a Google Shopping agency.

Are Google Shopping Ads free?
Are Google Shopping Ads free? - Expand

We wish – but Google Shopping Ads aren’t free. They fall under pay per click advertising, meaning you get charged each time a user clicks on one of your ads. When you create a Google Shopping Ad, you’ll need to set a maximum cost-per-click (CPC) bid which is the maximum amount you’re willing to pay each time a user clicks on your ad. Google uses this bid to determine how highly your ad will rank in search results.

While you’ll need to pay for each click on your Google Shopping Ad, you can control your overall advertising costs by setting a daily or lifetime budget for your campaign. This will limit the amount you spend on your ads each day or over the lifetime of your campaign.

How to run Google Shopping Ads
 How to run Google Shopping Ads - Expand
  • Set up a Google Ads account by going to the Google Ads website and following the instructions to sign up for an account.
  • Link your Google Ads account to your merchant centre account to create and manage your Shopping Ads
  • Add your products to the Merchant Center by uploading a product feed with information about your products, including the product name, price and image.
  • Create a Shopping campaign in the “Campaigns” tab of your Google Account and click the “+” button to create a new campaign. Select “Shopping” as the campaign type, then set your budget and select the products you want to advertise.
  • Create your ad groups and ads: An ad group is a set of related products that you want to advertise together, and an ad is a specific product that you want to promote. You’ll need to create at least one ad group and one ad in order to run your Shopping campaign.
  • Launch your campaign by clicking the “start” button. Your ads will then start running and will appear in Google search results and on other websites through the Google AdSense Network.
  • If you have any more questions, feel free to contact the experts at our Google Shopping agency directly.

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