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Ecommerce PPC agency

Ecommerce PPC agency

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We are the ecommerce PPC agency that doesn’t settle for mediocrity. Sometimes you have to spend money to make money. For too long, we’ve seen business owners throw their hard-earned cash into the cesspit of ecommerce PPC companies that only care about lining their own pockets. We’re having none of that.

With 66 years of combined experience managing PPC for ecommerce websites and recognised as one of the top 3% of PPC companies in the UK as a Google Premier Partner, we know how to drive meaningful results for your business. With precise targeting and bidding strategies that will frighten the likes of Amazon and eBay, our experts consistently design, deliver and debrief PPC strategies that reach your target audience and turn them into converting customers. No bullshit guaranteed.

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Ecommerce PPC that gets results

We are the ecommerce PPC agency that gets you the results you actually want to see. We’re not interested in vanity metrics that look impressive on quarterly reports but mean jackshit when it comes to your bottom line. At Dark Horse we’re only bothered about tangible results. Results that make you money. We’ll let them speak for themselves…


Established model locomotives giants, Gaugemaster, were derailing before coming to Dark Horse. With a small ad spend to work with, we had to get savvy. Working across the whole sales funnel, our ecommerce PPC experts used a range of ads to deliver the results that matter:

  • 85% increase in ad impressions
  • 95% increase in ad clicks
  • 53% increase in conversions
  • 70% increase in revenue YoY

Function 18

Specialist golf apparel store, Function 18, came to us wanting to grow their organic revenue (don’t we all?). We took over their ecommerce PPC management during lockdown and demonstrated our adaptability and reactiveness very quickly. 

Proactively monitoring and restructuring campaigns including Responsive Search, Single Ad Groups and targeted ROAS bid strategies, our ecommerce PPC experts delivered a 669% increase in revenue YoY.  Now that’s what we call a hole in one.

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Our ecommerce PPC strategy

As Google rolls out key updates, PPC for ecommerce websites becomes an increasingly complex game. That’s why having the best ecommerce PPC agency on hand to develop strategies that actually work is key to the success of your business.

We have over 60 years of shared experience on our team, so we’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly of PPC. We understand the intricacies of effective PPC management and have designed a meticulous approach to drive conversions, increase sales and achieve your business goals. Basically, make you loads of cash!

Forensic audit

As an expert ecommerce PPC agency, we let the data do the talking. We constantly test, revise and implement changes so we know where all the gaps in your ecommerce PPC strategy are. We delve deep into your ads to uncover every keyword, audience and content opportunity to create a killer campaign designed to increase brand awareness and, you guessed it, make you sweet, sweet money.


Killer strategy

Once we know your strengths and weaknesses, we create a compelling strategy that targets your key audience. Whether your website would benefit most from search, display, retargeting, or video ads, we deploy every ad combination in our arsenal to deliver an ecommerce PPC strategy that really drives sales.

Reactive review

Our ecommerce PPC management services have a combined proactive and reactive approach. We don’t set and forget. Letting your precious cash fritter away. We leverage real-time insights to maximise performance and return on investment. There’s no room for wishy-washy campaigns when you’re with our ecommerce PPC agency



There’s a few things we hate. Well, there’s more than a few. But a big one is poor PPC reporting. Honesty and transparency is in our DNA. There’s no room for vanity metrics in ecommerce PPC, so we only report on what matters. Whenever we manage an ecommerce PPC account, we focus on your KPI’s and help you achieve them.


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Our ecommerce PPC services

Search ads

Search ads are a fundamental component of our ecommerce PPC strategy. By meticulously analysing keyword data, we ensure that your ads appear prominently in search engine results whenever someone searches for terms relevant to your business. With compelling ad copy that captures attention and drives clicks, we help you attract your target audience and increase your website traffic thanks to a solid ecommerce PPC strategy.


Display ads

Our ecommerce PPC specialists know how crucial display ads are in keeping the top of the funnel full of potential customers. We strategically place visually appealing ads across relevant websites, blogs and apps, reaching a broader audience and raising awareness of your brand. Our ecommerce PPC team creates engaging ad content that aligns with your brand identity, ensuring that your message resonates with potential customers.



Shopping ads

Shopping ads are another powerful tool in our ecommerce PPC arsenal. With these ads, we showcase your products, along with their prices, directly in search results, making it easier for interested customers to find and purchase them. By optimising your product data and leveraging our expertise in ecommerce PPC management, we increase your conversion rates and drive revenue growth.


Remarketing ads

As an experienced ecommerce PPC agency, we know that remarketing ads are critical for re-engaging with visitors who have previously shown interest in your products or services. By tracking user behaviour and leveraging advanced ecommerce PPC targeting techniques, we create personalised ads that remind potential customers of your brand and entice them to return and make a purchase.

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Why choose Dark Horse?

Look, we’re not here to sell ourselves to you. We know the streets. We’ve walked them for years, seeing how the ecommerce PPC agencies concerned with lining their pockets treat ecommerce businesses who are seeking out help from the Google Ads Gods. And they treat you like shit. Makes us sick.

We just do good PPC. Simple. We have over 66 years of experience delivering data-driven ecommerce PPC strategies for clients across the country. The bottom line – if you want to increase your online visibility and your revenue, then you need an ecommerce PPC agency like Dark Horse. One that actually cares about your business and wants you to succeed. We’re in your corner, rooting you on. Let us be the salvation you’ve been looking for.

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