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Reddit advertising

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Reddit is a social media platform that is essentially a large collection of forums. It’s used predominantly to request advice, or to learn about or keep up to date with certain topics. Reddit users are known for particularly valuing authenticity, so it can be difficult to win them over with Reddit ads.

Because of this, it’s important to work on a Reddit advertising strategy that effectively engages your target audience. Having an organic presence on the platform is advantageous to build reputability and can do a lot of the heavy lifting, but if you want to drive actions, you need to implement paid ads. Advertising on Reddit can put your brand in front of prospective customers, and the attributed actions they generate can be measured, which allows you to optimise your campaigns.

The Paid Social team at Dark Horse is a master of strategy. Don’t get lost in the maze, venture into new streams of revenue and dominate your competition with our experts leading the way.

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What is Reddit advertising?

When you advertise on Reddit, your advertisement will appear in the feed or in comment threads. They’ll look like organic posts, but with ‘promoted’ in the top corner. Like with most advertising platforms, the Reddit ads that perform best tend to feel native to the platform. Overly salesy messaging can put potential customers off, especially Reddit users.

That being said, it is an advert, so it needs to explain the benefits and selling points. This is why it’s often more effective to use advertising on Reddit as a supplement to the organic posts that have already began building trust and reputability. Users will be more likely to click on an ad that they have read something about previously.

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Reddit advertising best practices

Because Reddit users value authenticity so highly, it’s important that your Reddit ads are informative and transparent. It’s always recommended to adopt a test and learn approach with paid advertising, and Reddit is no exception. By testing different ad formats, you can discern what is and isn’t working after analysing the relevant metrics.

The ad formats available to run on Reddit are:

  • Static image
  • Video
  • Carousel
  • Text

The Paid Social team at Dark Horse will never wince at an untrodden path. They equally won’t thoughtlessly hop onto bandwagons. It takes expertise to discern the right road forward. Let Dark Horse carry the weight and get you seen.

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How to advertise on Reddit

To advertise on Reddit, you’ll first need a company profile from which you can set up a Reddit advertising account. After this, you’ll get access to your Reddit ads manager where you’ll choose your campaign objective.

You’ll then be directed to the ad group level, where you build out your audience. This is a very important step. We recommend testing a few audiences to find out who your content resonates with.

Are reddit ads targeted?

Yes, Reddit ads can be targeted to specific users or communities on the platform. When creating an ad campaign on Reddit, you can select your target audience based on:

  • Location
  • Interests
  • Communities

You can also use Reddit’s targeting options to exclude certain audiences from seeing your ads.

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Why advertise on Reddit

As frequent Reddit users are notoriously anti-ad, it’s recommended to implement an ad strategy that supplements existing organic content from your brand. If you can nail the targeting, your ads will appear in forums that are very relevant to your brand / product. The best-case scenario is that your ad appears in a forum people are reading to find a solution that your product could provide.

But don’t think this makes it easy to drive actions without any prior warming-up. Reddit users typically research products or solutions more thoroughly than say TikTok users, for instance.

This tendency is often merely a hurdle as opposed to a blockade. With the help of Reddit advertising strategists, your brand could successfully turn a profit. And if you win over Reddit users, you increase the chance of them discussing your brand or product in forums – thus increasing your authority.

Crush the competition. Work with Dark Horse to develop a Reddit advertising strategy.

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Cost of advertising on Reddit

So, how much does it cost to advertise on Reddit? Reddit ads are paid for via a second price auction system. This means that the successful bidder pays £0.01 more than the second highest bidder. What you pay can depend on factors such as the campaign objective, the ad’s relevance to your audience and the ad format.

You choose your Reddit ads budget in the ad group level. There’s a minimum daily spend, so you need to ensure these fits into your assigned budget for advertising on Reddit. It’s recommended to increase your budget around key sales periods (where the cost to advertise may increase), as well as around your own offers and promotions in order to capture more actions.

Dark Horse’s Paid Social team is experienced with managing budgets and keeping costs down. If you want to own the game, not just act as a pawn in it, Dark Horse can get you there.

Dark Horse knows Reddit advertising

Advertising on Reddit can look like a minefield. It’s a platform praised for authenticity. So, it’s no wonder a lot of its users distrust paid advertising. But with the right strategy, and expert optimisation, it could prove successful for your brand.

We’ve learnt the nature of the beast that is Reddit advertising, and it can lead you to the promise land of increased revenue. If Reddit ads are suitable for your brand, Dark Horse will tell you about it. And they’ll get you to the top.

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