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Local SEO in Manchester

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Did you know that Google uses a different algorithm to choose which site best responds to a local search query than it does for normal queries? If you service a specific locale or want to be visible in your local area, your typical SEO strategy isn’t going to cut it. You need a local SEO strategy that targets that local algorithm specifically – and it’s a whole other beast.

Luckily, Dark Horse’s local SEO experts can tailor your site to your local area (we’re talking local keyword research, content full of local colour and relevancy, local link acquisitions and an optimised GMB page) to let every Joe, Karen and IT-girl nearby know your business is there and ready to mingle.

If you want a local SEO agency that helps your website be seen in your local areas, let the Dark Horse team put your business on the map.

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What is local SEO?

Let’s start at the beginning: what is local SEO? Local SEO is a search engine optimisation strategy that helps your business be more visible in local search results on Google.

As an example, let’s say you’re an independent pizza parlour in Altrincham who covers a 5-mile radius. You’ll want to appear in the search results of people within that radius who are searching for ‘pizza takeaway’. Now, because Google’s algorithm knows that the user searching for ‘pizza takeaway’ is likely searching for one in their area, users don’t even need to specify a location or ‘near me’ in their search query for Google to use its local algorithm and local factors to choose which page to recommend.

To get Google to recommend your site, you need a local SEO strategy that is targeting that local algorithm and the local area.

Don’t get lost in the noise. Local SEO requires a specific set of skills and the right level of know-how. Our local SEO experts know how to increase your local visibility from a Technical, Content and Digital PR perspective. See how they can turn your site into a local hotspot to really impact your bottom line.

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Our local SEO services

Our team are well versed in local SEO strategy, covering all bases across Technical, Content and Digital PR to crush your local competition.

We are listed in’s Greater Manchester SEO Listings.

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Google My Business optimisation

You should think of your GMB listing as your second homepage. It might be the first interaction a user has with your business, so you want to engage them and provide all of the information they’ll be looking for (we’re talking address, phone number, website, business hours), etc. We can also help you optimise the images, reviews and FAQ sections to maximise the effectiveness of your listing.


Local business schema

When it comes to local SEO strategy, we leave no stone unturned. We’ll implement local business schema (technical for a piece of code that’s added to your site) to help Google understand what you do and where you do it.
Local business schema can clarify:

  • Business type – use this to signal to Google what type of business you are
  • Description – add some key information about your company and your product or service offering
  • Telephone – provide your business phone number
  • Opening Hours – highlight your typical hours of operation
  • Address – if you have a physical office or store where users can go to
  • Geo – add your GPS longitude and latitude coordinates so you can easily be found
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Local content strategy

Your current agency might try and convince you that you can only rank for local keywords thanks to their magic and wizardry. Hogwash. Simply, if you want to rank for a localised keyword, create a page for that keyword. We can help ensure those pages tick all the boxes and more to boost your local visibility:

  • Cover local topics that respond to the needs of local audience
  • Mention local landmarks, local events, city names
  • Include location phrase in title, subheadings and body content
  • Localise the meta data and alt text


Local link building and outreach

In a local SEO strategy, domain authority isn’t as important a factor when targeting publications. You just need backlinks from other websites operating in your local area. We’ll target local publications and news outlets, get you added to local directories and engage with the local community to encourage them to leave and share listings and reviews.

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Ready to drive local leads to your site? Our local SEO experts hone in on local keywords, link building, GMB optimisation and more to develop a local SEO strategy that converts. See how we can help you destroy your rivals.

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Dark Horse: A local SEO agency like no other

We know how to make you rank locally and find users near you that convert. We’re not for everyone, but if you have the guts, give our local SEO agency a try:

Elite know-how – We don’t do juniors who can’t distinguish between traditional and local SEO. We discriminate and choose the best of the best.

Accreditations and awards – aren’t what we value. We do the hard work and celebrate your wins. At the end of the day, our “award” is crushing your competition into a fine dust.

Personality – We won’t blow smoke up your arse and trick you with vanity metrics. We care about one thing: your bottom line. You’ll find people here who communicate, care and work hard.

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Here’s a freebie: A full local SEO audit, for free

If you operate in a specific area but aren’t investing in local SEO, you’re in trouble. There’s no point having great organic copy that reaches someone on the other side of the country who you can’t service. You need to target Karen next door and Joe down the street. You need local SEO.

Not sure how to go about creating a local SEO strategy? How about this: let our Dark Horse team forensically analyse your local opportunity. We mean it, give us a ring, book a consultation and let our team perform a local SEO audit on your website for free. No strings attached, just brutal honesty.

The Dark Horse local SEO audit includes:

  • A top-level analysis of your GMB page
  • Technical recommendations for local schema
  • Backlink audit and local link building opportunities
  • Local SEO content ideas
  • Gaps and opportunities vs local competitors

What have you got to lose?

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