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Dark Horse is a Facebook ads agency in Manchester who prefer to overdeliver and not oversell. Facebook management will really save you a lot of pain. You might be thinking gleefully you’ve hit the motherload with this channel. The truth is, you have – if you know how to separate the jewels from the junk. To do that, you need a solid Facebook ads agency that can filter out the people who aren’t of any use to you and tailor your Facebook paid ads to those who will buy your product and line your pockets.

No one knows exactly how Facebook decides what to show people, but this social media platform isn’t as great a mystery as some Facebook advertising agencies would have you believe. Facebook has a mission themselves; to make profits. Advertising on Facebook earns them money, and to keep you spending, you need to be making money off your paid Facebook ads. If you’re not careful and know the nitty-gritty details, it can feel like Facebook has chewed you up and spat you out, taking your budget and leaving you with nothing.

Plus, you’re not the only one running Facebook ads. A lot of businesses have learnt that Facebook paid ads can make them more money, and without it, they’ve left you behind. But you can still overtake the competition with the right Facebook ad management team.

We’ve mastered how to run Facebook ads and line your pockets.

Don’t waste time. Make Facebook work for you, not the other way around.

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What are Facebook paid ads?

When you scroll through Facebook, you’ll see posts from your friends, companies you follow and groups you’re in. Among these are Facebook paid ads, where a business pays to make you see what they want to promote.

Facebook ad examples include selling a product or service, encouraging enquiries, directing people to a website and many more. The types of Facebook ads you use will depend on what you want to achieve – and it’s easy to make the wrong choice. That’s a bottomless pit where you’ll never see your money again. Don’t fall into it – be smart and choose a Facebook ad management team that spots these pitfalls way before you reach them.

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How does Facebook advertising work?

Simply, advertising on Facebook works by paying the platform to show your adverts to the people you want. By choosing the budget, duration and target audience, Facebook includes the ad in the newsfeed of relevant people as they scroll through. Good Facebook ads management can get you better results, but you’re at the mercy of Facebook if the work isn’t put in.

Take control and destroy the competition by working with a Facebook advertising agency that makes your Facebook ads better than the rest. We’ll force people to sit up and notice you. We’ve learned the secrets that Facebook doesn’t want you to know, and we’ll use them to put you in front of the most relevant audience.

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Get a free expert audit on all of your social channels including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, Reddit, Snapchat and Twitter. Even Linkedin. This is a manual comprehensive audit executed with prowess and designed to raise the game of your social media ads. Don’t throw your Facebook budgets in the bin

Social Media Audit

Benefits of an Facebook ad agency?
Money. Power. Control. 

A Facebook advertising agency can provide a multitude of benefits, but our true value lies in our ability to manipulate the minds of the masses. With our expertise in creating highly effective ad campaigns, we give you the power to control the thoughts and actions of your target market.

We identify and target specific demographics allowing you to reach the most susceptible individuals, making it easy to influence their purchasing decisions and shape their beliefs without the little denizens knowing. Inception mixed with Inner Space. They won’t even notice as it all happens in a Love Island ad break. They deserve it then.

Ad optimisation becomes a game of psychological warfare, as we test and refine ad copy, images, and targeting to puppeteer emotions and reactions. The time and cost savings for your business are just a mere trivial bonus to the true intention of controlling the narrative and bending the will of the masses to your every desire.

We have access to advanced tools and technology that allow us to track and monitor the behaviour of your audience, giving you an unprecedented level of control over their thoughts and actions. You make a shit load of money, we play The Sims.


Hearts, minds and wallets.

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Why advertising on Facebook is important

You can shout as loud as you want about your business, products or services, but if the people aren’t there, you’re wasting your time. You’d be shocked at the number of companies that do this, thinking it’s better than nothing.

They’re wrong.

Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms in the world. That means it has the largest number of users you can reach with Facebook ads. You can target the right audience by:

  • Demographics
  • Location
  • Job
  • Interests
  • And much more

You can go even further than this, and make more efficient and effective ads by using:

  • Lookalike audiences
  • Retargeting
  • Conversion API

This lets you expand your audience with people who have similar interests and behaviours to the people you’re targeting, making sure you get a second chance with those who didn’t convert and connect to your web platform to get more accurate behaviour information about your audience.

This level of control is why advertising on Facebook is a winning strategy. Your converting audience is out there and you can use this platform to reach them. Simply team up with a Facebook advertising agency that knows the ins and outs of this behemoth.

We don’t use jargon to hide what we do. Straight-talking, hard acting Facebook ads management is what we offer. The cesspit is full of time wasters. We’re not one of them.
Stand up. Be Noticed.

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How to run Facebook ads

Learning how to run Facebook ads isn’t easy. There’s a lot of numbers and figures to keep track of – and it’s easy to see one metric doing well and think everything is fine. Except it might not be. Do you know what each figure means? How about what it does for your business?

Don’t worry. You don’t need to know all of them – that’s what our Facebook paid ads team does. We know you have better things to do. Wading through the sludge of clicks, impressions, conversions is only going to slow you down. Let us shine a light for you, putting the spotlight on the information that matters.

It’s quite simple, anyone can set up an ad, but knowing what it means is harder. Plenty of Facebook advertising agencies will try and blow you away with fancy graphs or scorecards, but it means less than nothing if your campaign performance isn’t aligned with your business goals.

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How to create a Facebook ad account

Anyone can create a Facebook account, but that doesn’t let you run Facebook ads. You need a business profile first, which is done through
your personal account. Confused? Don’t worry, that’s where our Facebook ads agency steps in. We know every step in how to create a Facebook ad account and we’ll get you up and running right away.

Your Facebook ad account is where you’ll manage your Facebook business ads, the payments for them, reports and metrics and much more. It’s an invaluable tool, but it’s daunting at first glance. You’ll see all those numbers and options and feel like a deer in the headlights. The car doesn’t slow down, and it’s our Facebook advertising team that scoops you up and takes you to safety at the side of the road.

How to create Facebook ads

There are different types of Facebook ads to choose from when you’re ready to start. Don’t stick with one, and don’t just try and use them all. That’s like running a magnet over the tip and hoping for metal to appear. You’ll get something at the surface, but the real jewels are deep down.

Understand your audience. Find the types of Facebook ads that they react to, whether it’s Facebook carousel ads, video, static, collection or another type. Each one is good at finding one kind of treasure, and you might need a few different ads to fill the chest.

It takes research and experimentation to get it right, but we’ve been digging around Facebook for years, so we know what works best. You might have stopped at 15 metres, but we dig down another 50.

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How to cancel an ad on Facebook

Not all Facebook advertisements work. It’s a fundamental fact of paid advertising. You can stick with it and hope the Facebook gods take pity on you, or you can act. No points for guessing what we’d do.

There are always improvements to make with how you run Facebook ads, whether it’s refining the audience or testing different creatives. Complacency is the enemy. We strive to do better every day and nothing stops us.

When a Facebook ad doesn’t perform, we cut it. It joins the rubbish pile. It’s a waste of your money, and it can be better spent on an ad doing well. It’s common sense, right? Not to everyone, and this is how we get results on all of our paid advertising, whether that’s Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram or another social media site.

Facebook advertising can be make-or-break for your business. Don’t take a chance. Don’t rely on smooth talkers. Make a real impact with smart Facebook ad management to show your competition who’s boss.
Destroy your competitors

How much does Facebook advertising cost

The sky’s the limit with Facebook. You can see the light way up high, a beacon for you to aim for. Facebook ads will help you get there. They can be scaled to your needs, and judging what you spend against what you get back is the key to making Facebook business ads work as you climb to the top.

It’s easy to throw money at something and hope things improve. That’s what Facebook wants, after all. You might see improvements, but what do they mean? There is a better, more data-driven and controlled way. Trust us. We’ll lead you out of the darkness.

When you partner with a Facebook ads agency, find out what they do with your money, make sure they:

  • Clearly set budgets for campaigns
  • Agree the management fee
  • Set time aside for reporting
  • Leave room to adapt to the market

There’s no golden shovel for finding your treasure. The people you want are out there and they’re on Facebook. If you don’t start digging, you’ll never find them, but trusting an expert with Facebook advertising management can help you connect with them faster. It’s not rocket science, you just have to pick up the spade.

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Why use Dark Horse for your Facebook advertising

Like other forms of paid advertising, Facebook ads deliver very quickly. To keep you paying for more ads, results have to be swift. That doesn’t mean everything is over quickly – the path to the top of the mountain is a long one. You’re going to stumble, and parts will fall away, but there is light at the top. That’s what we’re aiming for.

Don’t get trampled by your competition. Be the one climbing over them. It’s dog eat dog, and we’ll help you get to the top – and stay there.

Make Facebook work

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Best types of Facebook Ads

Clearly the ones that make you money are the best ones. However SEO principles state that we have to put the entire history of Facebook past, present and even future to have any chance of getting your eyeballs here.


Dynamic ads allow businesses to automatically show personalized ads to people who have shown interest in their products on their website or mobile app. Convincing a custom audience to buy stuff they don’t need. Reach the right people who may be too weak to resist with the most persuasive products thus increasing the chances of making a buck.


A collection of images of products based around logic or a certain category. You may be interested in is a popular use for this.


A series of images that the user swipes through with one product per image.


Capture peoples details and submissions without leaving Facebook. Perfect for service based industries – test drives, installations, quote requests. Smart this one.


Imax for Facebook. Full screen teeth shattering bass pumping experience that will pop your tonsils. Tell a story, sell products or educate on both mobile and desktop. Works well as mobile optimized and easily sharable, these ads involve quizzes, games, video, buttons – fully interactive.


It starts to get embarrassing as part of the content team to write a description of this. You can work it out.


These are full-screen ads that appear in the Stories section of the Facebook mobile app. Doesn’t spoil the feed.

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The Dark Facebook Process  

Obviously we are not going to share all of our secrets here. More we will share what the concepts and building blocks look like for a typical campaign.

  • 1. Audit & Goals

See what’s under the hood for your existing Facebook campaigns and have a chinwag to work out what your objectives are. We will then tell you to be realistic and go with your second stab at goals. We are all about listening. Sales or brand awareness? No one has said brand awareness yet.

  • 2. Market Research

Audience targeting. Who are they? What toothpaste do they use? Are they folders or scrunchers? Interests, behaviours, pains and opportunities. Use Facebook audience insights to plot taking their money.

  • 3. Content & Ad Creation

If it ain’t pretty then forget it. Compelling content that looks the part and resonates with target audience. Videos and images that stop the scroll and get them engaging. Control.

  • 4. Ad format selection & placement

Choose your weapon and battlefield. Facebook has an arsenal of options like that scene in the Matrix. Ads – lots of ads. Carousels, sponsored posts and .50 cal display.

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Who wants more money?
“Me Ta”
Always truth

  • 5. Budget & Scheduling

If it’s leads? (you want), we can kill it. Optimisation your budgets for maximum impact. Ad breaks during Champions League matches? The sunday morning lie in? Work out when people Netflix and chill and avoid those times. Unless the Netflix is that bad…

  • 6. Monitoring

Track performance using that infernal Pixie, conversions, engagement data and remarketing so you can do better tomorrow. And the next day. And the..

  • 7. Rinse and Repeat

Continuously get better by optimizing and nail that sweet spot when the returns flow. Tie up all lose ends for the complete customer journey. Maximise those that come through Facebook to make sure they are captured, never let go and have to leave via the gift shop.


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