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Netball UK’s challenge

Netball UK has worked with Dark Horse since August 2020. The results had been great but we felt they could be stronger if there was more investment into PPC. In 2022 we worked directly with the business owner to look at increasing monthly spend across the year in order to positively affect overall conversion and revenue numbers.

We also wanted to work on delivering an increase in revenue across all lead sources.

In December, during the Christmas period, we had a 250% increase in spend compared to the average monthly budget of 2021. This was significant and Netball UK wanted to see the goals achieved. Dark Horse donned its bib, ready to attack the account.

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Taking the shots

The higher budget meant we could use a mixture of Shopping, Performance Max, Search and DSA campaign types. Then for each type we could fully optimised for bids, budgets, device, audience, location and time of day, all at a granular level to achieve a ROAS of 14x. With this we started to adjust bids and budgets on top performing
campaigns to meet higher conversion targets.

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Scoring the goals

As a result of the mixture of campaigns and optimisation of bids, when comparing year on year October – December, the spend itself only rose by 0.57% within 2022 (and keeping in line with the strict client budget). However, clicks increased by 27.2% and the average cost per click decreased by 20.9%. We increased conversion rate by 4.6% leading to the end game of a revenue increase of 12.5% within PPC. We knew that ROAS was important to Netball UK and this increased by 11.8% to 15.42x. The
results were clear to see.

In addition to the increase revenue for PPC, we also hit the objective of increasing revenue from other sources such as organic and direct. The overall revenue from all sources increased by 11.1%, making it a win for Netball UK.

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increase in revenue, 95% increased ROAS during January


increase in revenue. Additional 81% increase ROAS during December


increase in attributed revenue

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Increase in revenue in Dec 2022 compared to 2019

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