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3 Methods to kickstart your Digital PR in 2024


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We have an industry to burn

It’s a bold mantra to kickstart the year, but if setting the industry ablaze were a simple task, you’d have achieved it by now. The past year may not have seen your work taking the industry by storm, and that’s okay. Understanding why is the first step towards igniting a transformative year ahead with your Digital PR efforts.

Reviewing 2023: beyond backlinks

A comprehensive review of your efforts in 2023 goes beyond merely assessing the quality and quantity of backlinks. While backlinks are essential Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for Digital PR, they don’t unveil the complete narrative.

Digging deeper into tactics

The key lies in evaluating the tactics employed to secure coverage. Were they more or less effective compared to the previous year? Questions should arise regarding the effectiveness of strategies such as building bespoke landing pages. The aim is to uncover SEO insights that guide your approach in the coming year.

The Digital PR imperative

Amidst the scrutiny, one thing remains clear – Digital PR is a crucial element of industry impact. As for the specifics, I won’t lay out all the answers. It’s time for you to delve into your own analysis, review the past year, and chart a strategic course for the year ahead.

Ignite your industry influence with thoughtful reflection, killer content and strategic planning.



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