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Get lost in The Dark Forest


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Dark Horse, is putting words into actions as it cultivates the Dark Forest. Dark Horse doesn’t just say it supports offsetting carbon-emissions; it puts it into practise.

We work with clients who also believe sustainability isn’t just a bullshit bingo buzzword. It believes in what it is trying to do and gives a shit about the world. This isn’t a tick box exercise for Dark Horse. This is about making a real difference. Dark Horse plants trees for its employees and clients, making sure it grows the forest and accounting for all stakeholders.

The Dark Forest came to life 4 months ago, with over 1000 trees already being planted offsetting carbon emissions by nearly 70 tonnes. Dark Horse knows it has a long way to go, but it’s a fight worth fighting for. Dark Horse is committed to the forest and will continue to raise awareness and challenge other companies to put their money where their mouths are, to create more positive steps for the planet. Katie Turnbull, Marketing Manager at Dark Horse commented ‘Dark Horse is always thinking about the future and what impact we have on the planet. We want to set a positive example. The Dark Forest is just one of many projects we are looking to do to work towards becoming the ethical and sustainable agency we want to be. I’m proud to be part of a company that deliberately offsets its carbon each month. The Dark Forest is one project but we are looking at others to invest in. We are keen to help the natural world where we can.’

This project is fully funded by Dark Horse, our profits fund this. The natural, living, breathing alternative to killing penguins by working in a toss agency that doesn’t consider the wild big picture. Businesses need to act now. People need to act now.

For Peat’s Sake…

Do your bit. Be a watchful guardian. Contribute to The Dark Forest.


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