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Have you copied your content from another website?


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Have you considered the uniqueness of your content?

As we step into 2024, it’s essential to evaluate how distinctive your content is compared to the competition. Let’s explore some key tips to refresh your content strategy for the upcoming year.

1. AI content and uniqueness

If you’re relying on AI tools to generate your content with minimal edits, it’s crucial to assess its uniqueness. AI-generated content often follows a standard structure, and in competitive markets, uniqueness is a significant factor for success. Ironically, an AI transcribed this paragraph from the video above which was scripted by a human.

2. Providing more value

Building on the concept of the helpful content update in September, it’s evident that offering something different and valuable is crucial. Rather than providing generic information, consider delving into semantic topics and offering in-depth insights to stand out.

3. Checking for content duplication

A really important aspect to consider is ensuring that other websites are not replicating your content. Tools like CopyScape, DiffChecker, Semrush, and SE Rankings can help identify instances of content duplication. It’s essential to maintain originality in a sea of similar content.

We’ve experienced this firsthand on our own website when a competitor in Manchester suddenly had remarkably similar content. We’re keeping an eye on you…

Stay ahead by embracing SEO content that stands out and avoids duplication.

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