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Seizing opportunities with new year Digital PR campaigns


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The misconception about the festive season, often perceived as a time of no outreach or “Noel,” might be causing missed opportunities. While out-of-office emails flood your inbox, the reality is that the news never sleeps. In this blog, we’ll explore why scheduling Digital PR campaigns into the New Year can be a strategic move for your SEO efforts, debunking the myth that success should wait for the New Year and the New You.

The truth about Noel

Yes, the Christmas period sees many professionals taking a break, but that doesn’t mean your Digital PR efforts should come to a halt. Timid PRs might feel disheartened, but pressing on and scheduling releases strategically can set you up for success.

The power of timing

While desks may be emptier during the festive break, out-of-office emails serve as a handy indicator of when professionals return. Staying organised and timing your campaigns to align with their return to the office can give you a head start in securing coverage.

Leveraging out-of-office notifications

Out-of-office messages not only inform you about when individuals are back at their desks but also provide alternative contacts in the interim. This valuable information allows you to plan your outreach effectively.

Stay organised and seize the moment

By staying organised and aligning your campaign with the return of professionals to work, you can hit their inboxes just when they start checking emails. This proactive approach ensures that your release is among the first they see.

Mastering Digital PR fundamentals

For this strategy to work seamlessly, having the fundamentals of Digital PR in place is crucial. When your foundation is strong, the timing of your campaign becomes the winning factor.

The early bird gets the coverage

Success doesn’t have to wait until the New Year. By celebrating the first week back with well-timed Digital PR wins, you set the tone for a proactive and successful year ahead. Don’t play catch-up from December; instead, start the year with a momentum that can carry you to new heights.

In the world of PR, opportunities don’t take a holiday. By understanding the dynamics of the festive season and strategically scheduling your campaigns, you can get a head start on the competition. So, embrace the challenge, stay organised, and make your first week back a celebration of early wins in the world of Digital PR.

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