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Reflecting on 2023: assessing your PPC performance


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Reflecting on 2023: assessing your PPC performance

As 2023 draws to a close, it’s time to reflect on your PPC journey. We’ve navigated through Black Friday, and hopefully, you’ve laid the groundwork for a successful Christmas period. Now, let’s dive into evaluating the year and gearing up for what’s ahead.

1. Did you hit your goals?

The first checkpoint is to determine if you hit your goals. It might seem straightforward, but what defines success for you? Was it achieving revenue targets or reaching a specific ROAS? Take stock of whether you met your objectives.

2. Have you left money on the table?

Consider if there was untapped potential. Was your ROAS target overly ambitious? Assess if you allocated enough budget to your campaigns. Metrics like impression share loss due to budget or click share can unveil missed revenue opportunities.

3. Did you improve year on year?

Amidst the ups and downs, especially for seasonal businesses, assess your overall performance compared to the previous year. Did you enhance your strategies and results, or did challenges hinder your PPC success in comparison to 2022?

4. Plan for 2024

Looking ahead, it’s time to plan for 2024. If you need assistance with forecasting, setting realistic goals, and optimising your PPC efforts, Dark Horse is here to help. Get in touch today to ensure you make the most of the coming year.

Reflect on these key points to gauge the effectiveness of your PPC campaigns in 2023 and gear up for a successful 2024. Learn from the past, optimise the present, and plan for a prosperous future.


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