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What’s the best word count for SEO Content?


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One of the most frequent questions in SEO content creation revolves around the best word count for SEO success. Let’s break down this topic.

The historical significance of word count for SEO Content

Traditionally, word count has been considered a factor influencing the quality of written content, along with keyword density. Some studies suggest that content ranging between 1,000 and 2,000 words tends to perform well in rankings.

Google’s stance on word count for SEO

Despite historical perspectives, Google has explicitly stated that “word count is not indicative of quality.” The landscape of Google algorithms and user preferences is ever-evolving, challenging the validity of word count as a reliable metric.

The ideal word count for SEO: it depends

Rather than fixating on a specific word count, the ideal length depends on the subject matter and search intent. Topics requiring in-depth coverage demand more words, while brief subjects may not necessitate meeting a 1,000-word quota.

Quality over quantity: analysing the SERPs

The best advice is to move away from counting words and focus on analysing the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). Observe what type of content ranks well for your target keyword and understand what users are genuinely seeking.

Let the SERPs guide you

By keeping an eye on the SERPs, you can deduce the ideal word count for SEO. Some topics may be adequately covered in 500 words, while others might require over 2,000 words. Tailor your content to match user intent and provide the information they are searching for.


Remember, it’s not about the quantity of words; it’s about delivering valuable and relevant content. If you’re seeking expert assistance to enhance your SEO strategies and boost your content’s SERP ranking, contact Dark Horse today.


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