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Cheshire Cheese‘s Challenge

The Cheshire Cheese Company is an ecommerce company selling food and beverages. The Cheshire Cheese Company needed to increase its prospects to boost on-site conversions. Its hope was to prospect new audiences and retarget existing audiences.

Previously, it used Paid Social to rely heavily on lookalike audiences with little sign of other audience testing. Its focus was previously on the lower value products, keeping average order value low and failing to effectively showcase the best-selling hampers from the Cheshire Cheese Company.

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Nothing can get cheddar than thi

Cheshire Cheese Company decided to join forces with Dark Horse. Dark Horse was systematic in its approach. Making sure that the strategy was clearly laid out with a forensic approach to achieve the results needed. Dark Horse tested multiple prospecting and retargeting audiences including interest, lookalike, social engagers, web visitors etc. as well as introducing advantage shopping campaigns. It also made creative recommendations, diversifying the ad formats and messaging and showcasing the hampers and gift sets.

As a result, performance significantly improved following the introduction of the advantage shopping campaigns as this allowed the platform to use its machine learning to target those most likely to convert. Although Dark Horse tested multiple interest audiences, the targeting options were quite limited in relation to the Cheshire Cheese Company brand, a challenge that Dark Horse rose to. The advantage shopping campaigns proved very efficient. The shift in focus to the hampers and gift sets also resonated with the audiences resulting in a 169% increase in clickthrough rate in the first 3 months since it joined Dark Horse (despite being out of season for the brand) vs. the 3 months prior.

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By making creative recommendations and providing examples and testing, Dark Horse increased clickthrough rate by 62.8% across October and November vs. the previous year. Dark Horse also recommended introducing a minimum ROAS target which allowed it to scale spend significantly, increasing revenue by 109.5% YOY in October and November.


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increase in revenue YOY


increase in clickthrough rate

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Increase in ROAS

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