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Putting it in fifth gear

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Electric Ride on Cars (EROC) is the UK’s leading electric ride on cars specialist developing high-quality products that are interesting for kids, and also enjoyable. It came to Dark Horse because the previous agency generated a suboptimal performance. EROC wanted to grow and it knew that better results could be achieved. Dark Horse needed to get stuck under the bonnet.

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Revving the engine

After an initial, forensic audit which searched every nook and cranny, we determined where the issues lay and what needed to change. We knew we could meet the goals that EROC wanted to achieve. We started by testing new prospecting audiences, segmenting and tailoring retargeting activity to match intent. This was done in conjunction with optimising budgets according to performance.

As a result of these actions, we were able to increase campaign efficiency – resulting in a 91% decrease, year on year, in cost per acquisition (CPA) within the
first quarter of activity. We also tested new ad formats whilst enhancing creatives and copy with purchase motivators, such as the products’ safety features, free delivery and how fun the product is. This occurred alongside the additional trust-building activities through highlighting positive product reviews.

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Into cruise control

The changes we made saw optimisations subsequently lead to a 9x increase in return on ad spend (ROAS). Which then led to a 21x increase in revenue.

ROAS: 0.94 to 8.81
Revenue: 21x increase
CPA: £199.07 to £18.54

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increase in ROAS


increase in revenue


decrease in CPA

New Care

New Care Homes is a business centred around expertly designed, high-specification care homes. New Care wanted to increase its search visibility in specific geographical locations. It came to us with the aim to increase conversions and search reach near to where its care homes were based. In terms of business-to-consumer lead gen, New Care, in the majority of cases, wasn't directly targeting its benefactors of the home, but often relatives of them. Dark Horse developed its strategy considering both the website to create a strong foundation and content to drive intent-based traffic. It was time to get started, it was time for Dark Horse to get forensic.

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