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Quick off the mark

Playforever, an e-commerce company renowned for its high-end toys and car models, wanted to grow its business, recognising the untapped potential lying within PPC. Previous efforts with Google Ads hadn’t hit the mark, resulting in limited campaigns and disappointing revenue generation alongside hefty costs. Dark Horse couldn’t wait to enter the toy race.

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Getting set for the track 

After taking over Playforever’s account, Dark Horse found a situation marked by underachievement. A forensic audit of Playforever’s PPC performance was needed. Identifying the underlying reasons for inefficiency and significant strategic changes became essential.


Dark Horse is thorough when it comes to examining an account, ensuring that every potential issue is addressed. Dark Horse overhauled everything from the shopping and pMAX campaigns to the addition of search and dynamic search ads.

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Winning the rac

The impact of these measures was impressive. In only two weeks, impressions surged by 48.76%, while clicks soared by an impressive 67.86%. Most significantly, conversions witnessed a staggering ascent of 78%. Dark Horse decreased the account’s dependency on brand terms by around half. The resulting revenue spike of 107% highlighted the success of Dark Horse’s interventions.

And it’s not just the UK feeling the love. In just a week, Dark Horse boosted Playforever’s US conversion rates to almost 5%, with a ROAS that’s nearly five times the spend.


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Avenue 85

Avenue85, an e-comms clothing company, had heard about Dark Horse’s reputation. It came to us to grow its site and reduce third-party platform reliance. It had heard that Dark Horse was forensic in its actions. Avenue85 presented Dark Horse with a challenge; raise performance significantly to a minimum of 6x ROI, maximise revenue from 25 brands and achieve a cost of sales equal or better than Amazon. We accepted.

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Increase in revenue

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