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Twin Group is an educational, training and career development provider who was looking for an effective way to reach its customers. Having previously managed it in-house but not having enough resource available to give PPC the attention it needed, the accounts were not producing the results desired and budget was being wasted. The team knew if more resource was available, this channel could be a success for their lead gen – it turned to outsourcing and Dark Horse.

Dark Horse is meticulous in reviewing an account to ensure all possible issues are addressed. It is imperative to assess the criteria first. Whilst the campaign structures were well set up for Twin Group, there were a lot of outdated match types including a large proportion of the budget going towards display which had little conversions. The account’s quality score was also very low which impacted on all the campaigns regarding their performance.

Finally, tracking wasn’t correctly set up and Twin Group struggled to track its new booking form. This was all because PPC needs continual monitoring to achieve the most effective outcomes and can be time heavy when you are a busy team.

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Putting the knowledge into action

Although Twin Group only joined Dark Horse at the start of the year. Dark Horse has already moved the needle for them. It was able to dedicate the time needed to the Twin Group’s account that Twin Group couldn’t do because of resource limitations. Dark Horse initially looked at the SKAG keyword strategy which used both Exact Match & Phrase Match keywords. Each location target (e.g. EU) had it’s own campaign which would be split out per country dependent on performance.

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Passing with flying colours

Twin Group’s initial success criteria was to improve the Quality Score of the account. Within three months the cost per conversion across the account massively decreased which is a huge win for the account. When joining Dark Horse initially, Twin Group wanted to achieve a cost per conversions of £25 (reducing it from £50). By August 2023, this had reduced to £16.

Dark Horse was also able to set up effective tracking of Twin Group’s booking form, solving the challenge of tracking different sections of the form. All the research was done and the structure for success was determined. Dark Horse expects this upward trajectory to continue as it continues to work on the account. Dark Horse, like Twin Group, also believes in always continually improving its accounts.

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decrease in cost per conversion

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