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A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step

WildBounds has a passion for the outdoors and all things adventure – big and small. Live life to the fullest, challenge yourself and push yourself beyond the bounds of your comfort zone. A philosophy we, here at Dark Horse, mirror. So, when we engaged with WildBounds for Paid Search (PPC) management, we knew this was going to be a great journey.

WildBounds had struggled in recent years to find the right partner to manage its PPC Search Campaigns. It needed someone with extreme competence and total diligence to take over and help climb to new heights. It was time to get our fingers dirty.

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Starting at base camp

After a meticulous dig through the Google Analytics account, it was clear that WildBounds had started well but was lacking in areas. The initial build wasn’t too bad, but a lack of knowledge meant that the campaigns weren’t optimised at all. Losing out on hundreds of potential customers.

WildBounds had predominately been using open, broad keyword terms meaning that it was capturing a wide array of terms that weren’t always relevant. This, in turn, led to increasing costs. When you add the fact that other match types such as “phrase” and “exact” had no real segmentation, that too, upped the unnecessary costs.

It was also clear the budgets hadn’t been distributed effectively. A lot of spend was going on less-than-profitable or non-profitable brands and products. This meant that products that should have been making money were nowhere to be seen, losing audience and reach.

Finally, we noticed that a lot of the ads had poor ad relevance, indicating that the copy wasn’t engaging enough for the target audience to click and interact with WildBounds as well as pushing up the overall CPC due to the negative contribution to quality score.

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Oh, the places you’ll go

WildBounds had a clear idea of what it wanted from Google Search but only now in pairing with Dark Horse did it have the skills to start on the road to results. WildBounds and Dark Horse created a strategy and determined targets to ensure PPC was a profitable channel and built out to enable scaling. As there is an element of seasonality associated with the company’s products, we knew that the agreed targets would increase during peak times. We always consider seasonality to make sure that the goals are reflective of this.

From there, we introduced a selection of Single Keyword Ad Groups (SKAGs), which helped improve WildBounds’ Quality Score and helped increase the overall Click Through Rate (CTR). We also included the use of cross-type negative keywords to minimise any potential keyword poaching.

The results speak for themselves.

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Adventure is out there

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“We knew that PPC played a vital role in growing our business. We were actively looking for an agency to manage it when we engaged with Dark Horse.  The audit process and the depth of knowledge were impressive from the off; it was clear these guys knew their stuff.  Since we started our PPC campaigns have gone from strength to strength.  The team are always on hand to help, and the quality of execution and campaign builds are top-notch.  The skill and experience of the Dark Horse team are great, and we’d recommend them to anyone.”


increase in revenue year on year


increase in ROAS year on year


increase in transactional volume

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Increase in revenue, 95% increased ROAS during January

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