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The 3 Ad Assets you shouldn’t overlook


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Ad Assets, formally known as extensions, are a key part of any Google ads account.

Most accounts we see use these in some capacity, with site links and call extensions being the most frequently used.

But I want to talk to you about a couple of Google ads assets that are less commonly used and how you can take advantage of them as part of your PPC strategy.

Google Ads image assets

The first of these being image extensions. Google ads image assets allow for a user-chosen image to display in the search engine results pages.

They can help you to stand out from the competition and improve your overall click through rate.

But remember to stick to the image specifications and to choose an image with no text overlay or you will end up with it disapproved by Google.

Google Ads promotion assets

Next, we have the Google ads promotion extensions. These are a clickable links with information about a sale or offer that you’re providing.

It allows you to quickly communicate the offer that you’re looking to promote, including percentage discounts, sale amounts, or even the occasion for the sale.

Something like Black Friday is a classic example.

Business logo Google Ads assets

Lastly, we have the business logo Google ads assets, which at this time is still in its beta phase.

Business logo ads display a small circular copy of your logo in place of the usual Google globe that’s in the search listings. This can help leverage your brand equity to connect with existing and new customers.

As I say, it is still in testing and it isn’t available on all accounts, so go and check your availability and upload your logo if you’re eligible.


So that’s just a few little points on Google ad assets.

If you need any more help with that or with PPC in general then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and speak to Dark Horse.

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