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4 signs you might need an SEO agency


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4 signs you might need an SEO agency

SEO can often be absorbed into the day to day marketing efforts of a company. However, this isn’t always the most beneficial use of your time. Whether your company has a dedicated in-house SEO Manager or it falls to the wayside and is picked up sporadically by the marketing team, there is often cause to consider investing in an SEO agency.

We have collated a few pink flags that may suggest you would benefit from the expertise of an agency.


Too big to do it yourself, too small to hire an in-house team

Many of the Managing Directors and Marketing Managers we talk to are extremely busy people. Running a profitable SME isn’t easy. To save on costs, they’ll take on more and more responsibilities themselves.

Whether it’s hours spent on repetitive tasks such as writing title tags or an evening spent trying to understand the difference between a 301 and a 302 redirect, there’s always a point where it’s best to leave it to the experts.

An SEO agency like Dark Horse has built processes and have access to tools that make us more efficient. We also have the expertise to do a more effective job. Using an SEO agency takes a weight off your shoulders and frees up your time so you can focus on growing your business.


Spending too much on PPC

Are you getting most of your sales or leads from paid-for advertising such as Google Ads? Do you find yourself having to spend more and more to keep generating business? If you are, there could be a strong business case for exploring SEO.

The clue is in the name, but with PPC you are literally paying for every single click. Turn it off and you stop getting those sales or enquiries. If you want to maintain the same level of sales or enquiries but reduce the amount you spend, you typically have two options; optimise your PPC account or hire an SEO agency.

PPC specialists are experts in finding opportunities to make the most of your budget through optimising where the budget is invested. You might also consider investing in earning ‘free’ clicks via Google’s natural results by using an SEO agency. It can take time, but SEO can provide excellent ROI as you aren’t paying for the clicks themselves. Instead, you’re investing in long-term growth.


You have, or want, a new website

A snazzy new website is a big piece of the digital marketing puzzle, but what’s the point of having a great storefront if no customers come to visit? Even if your web designer or agency have told you that your website has been built to be optimised for SEO, that really is just a small part of the overall picture. Don’t expect to rank number one the day after launch – SEO just doesn’t work that way.

If you want to reach the top you need consistent, long-term investment in technical maintenance, the production of content and the promotion of your website.


You can’t work out why you’re not ranking

You may already have a good grasp of SEO, but you’ve tried everything and you’re still not ranking well for your target keywords. You’ve run out of ideas and don’t know what to do next. Don’t be disheartened. It’s entirely possible to topple the giants in your industry and seize those top spots.

An SEO agency like Dark Horse is made of people with specialist expertise, whether that be Technical SEO, Content or Digital PR. How might your knowledge compare to someone who has spent 5 years or more doing the exact thing you’ve been trying to do by spending an hour here or 30 minutes there?

A good SEO agency will have the expertise, the processes, the resource and the tools to make a big impact and give those rankings a boost. We’ve seen almost every type of situation before and we know what needs to be done to kick-start SEO growth.


Talk to us about your SEO. We don’t bite and can offer a direct and honest view of your SEO efforts. Contact a member of our team today and start climbing the search engine result pages.

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