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Ad account audits: avoid these costly mistakes


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When it comes to auditing ad accounts, I’ve witnessed some real crime scenes that can drain your budget and leave you bewildered.

Today, I’m shining a light on the most common mistakes that businesses make, exposing the pitfalls that could be costing you dearly. Let’s delve in!


The wrong objective: a costly affair

A frequent and costly mistake is choosing the wrong objective for your ad campaign. It’s a trap many fall into, thinking that increasing website traffic will automatically translate into revenue. Unfortunately, platforms like Meta Ads (formerly Facebook) are quite literal. If your goal is to generate purchases, build a conversion campaign with a purchase objective. Anything else could be a costly misstep.

Overlooking audience exclusions: the revenue leak

Even when performance looks stellar, there might be a hidden issue. Failure to implement audience exclusions can lead to overattributing on view-through data. This means your ads might be targeting the same audience repeatedly, risking burnout and draining your budget without delivering additional revenue. Thorough exclusions are crucial for effective ad campaigns.

Single-format creatives: a missed opportunity

Ensure your creatives are designed for all placements. It’s a common oversight to have ads in only one format. By designing for various placements, you can dominate a larger percentage of the screen, increasing visibility and effectiveness. Don’t let your competitors take the space you could be occupying.


Stay vigilant and avoid these common pitfalls to make the most of your ad budget. Remember, a strategic and informed approach to ad campaigns can make a significant difference in your online success.

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