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Paid Social media audit

Are your campaigns not working the way you’d hoped, or giving you anti-climactic results? Come to the Dark side for a social media audit that works for your business. The team of brains and driving force behind our social media auditing carry out forensic analysis to highlight every opportunity you’re not capitalising on to outperform your competition and get the best ROI.

We know how to get your attention in 0.25 seconds – the same amount of time you have to grab a user’s attention when they’re furiously scrolling through their social. What have you got to lose? Let us audit your social channels and see how we can help you grow.

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What is a social media audit?

Social media auditing isn’t nearly as scary as it sounds. It’s basically a process that measures how successful your social media strategy is across multiple accounts and networks. It serves to identify your strengths, weaknesses and areas of opportunity for growth. A social media audit will leave you with a laser-focused strategy for all your social media channels and the information you need to optimise your social media marketing.

A Dark Horse social media audit will be delivered in the following format:

1) Technical report

Detailed report and summary of your Facebook, Instagram and TikTok Ads account.

2) Expert panel audit review

The summary will be presented by a Paid Social expert with at least 5 years’ experience. All recommendations will be fully explained with further detail provided upon request.

3) Expert Q&A

Questions answered by a Paid Social expert who has experience of household name accounts, all shapes and sizes with an industry leading background.

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3 reasons why auditing social media accounts is key

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You’re wasting spend

Your Paid Social should be lining your pockets, not haemorrhaging your budget. We help you identify areas where you’re wasting spend, providing recommendations on ways to put that budget to better use.

You’re playing it safe

Our social media audit will identify areas for growth, including:

  • Trialling different ad formats
  • Testing various campaign types
  • Broadening audience targeting
  • Expanding keyword usage
  • Adding additional placements

You’re not seeing any  ROI

Your bottom line – it’s what matters most. True profit. Margins. Cold, hard cash. Our audit looks at ways to improve and drive performance, with a profit-first mindset, working to true commercial goals.

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There is no point fixing your Facebook marketing and other Paid Social channels whilst Google continues to piss in the wind. Paul is getting richer at Peter’s expense.

“Dark Horse audited both our Facebook and Google Ad accounts. The combined impact from both has generated our company over 350k extra revenue in 6 months. We are delighted to have moved over to Dark Horse”

Jack – MD – Ecomms Company

PPC Audit

Our social media audit promise

When we say forensic, we mean forensic. We will look at all the evidence and data to find improvements to boost your Facebook and Paid Social Media ROI. Then we priortise on displaying the most important ones that will make the biggest difference. The biggest impacting factors on increasing revenues and stopping wasted spend.

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Motive: Account

  • Account structure
  • Spending controls
  • Naming conventions
  • Tracking
  • Attribution settings
  • Automation
  • Integrations
  • Facebook API

Means: Campaign

  • Ad scheduling
  • Campaign objectives / events
  • Naming strategies – behaviours & interests
  • Bidding strategies
  • Best performance management
  • Budget management
  • Audience targeting

Opportunity: Ads

  • Custom audiences & retargeting
  • Demographic audiences
  • Video creation & assets
  • Naming strategies
  • Ad placements
  • Lookalike audiences
  • Interest & behaviour targeting
  • Ad testing
  • CTA testing


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A free social media audit

If you’re not convinced your current Paid Social agency is doing the job right, ask us to audit your social media accounts – it’s completely free. No financial cost, no obligations. We’ll show you on a smaller scale how we can help and what to expect.
If you’ve ever been made to pay for a social media audit, we’re sorry you’ve been tricked. Our social media auditing services are completely free. We’ll show you the depth of opportunity that could make you loads more money.

By the time we’re done auditing, you’ll be wondering what your current Paid Social agency were doing all this time. But don’t worry, salvation is here.

There is NO obligation to have any of the issues fixed or opportunities explored. All the recommendations we provide are completely actionable. This audit increases your sales and reduces your costs.

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Why use Dark Horse for your social media auditing?

The Dark Horse difference. It’s what sets us apart.

  • Only the best – we actively discriminate, hiring only the best industry experts that really know their onions. The more thorough our social media audits, the more money we make you. We are Paid Social Media specialists
  • Experience – Dark Horse have over 60 years UK-based PPC experience. More than your average Google PPC Agency!
  • Straight shooters – We don’t sugar-coat serious problems – we tell you how it is, warts and all. We don’t hide behind well-constructed industry excuses; we just deal with it. We work to what matters to you and that’s £££ on your bottom line
  • Award-winning – just joking! Our “award” is leaving your competition in the dust. No stroking our egos for a paid-for award here. We make millions for our clients in Paid Social media
  • Integrity and visibility – The foundation of our personality. You don’t want to work with crooks that offer less-than-average social media auditing services and even worse strategies. We’re industry experts that care about transparency and honest above all else. Death to mediocrity

To be eligible for a free social media audit covering Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok and more, we only need Temporary read-only access to your Facebook Ads account and Google Analytics. We will show you how to provide this.

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Christmas Tree World

Christmas Tree World designs and sells artificial Christmas trees and decorations. Focusing on realistic looks, speedy delivery and a range of styles, colours and shapes for any home. Dark Horse took over Christmas Tree World from a “top-drawer” agency, where results had stagnated, and it wasn't receiving the service it expected. Christmas Tree World had a specific, highly seasonal product to sell and needed a company that could react to the market to build brand recognition and deliver fast growth in a limited time period. Dark Horse rose to the challenge.

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Increase in revenue, 95% increased ROAS during January

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