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Hey big spending it right?

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PPC Auditing from pay per click experts

Our bespoke PPC audit may make you feel uncomfortable. It’s more than a simple peek under the hood. If you’re not keen to hear how your Google ads are failing you, or how your display advertising is falling shy of the right eyes, it might be best to find an agency who will tell you what you want to hear. Dark Horse will never shy away from brutal honesty, because we know that our recommendations are going to have tangible results.

We’re here to shake up the norms, to make every effort so that your PPC campaigns work for you. This is not achieved by friendly chit chats and undeserved pats on the back, but rather by honest PPC auditing of how your remarketing efforts and Paid Search spend can rake in the cash while you get on with what matters; running your business. This may well be the most important audit you carry out, and the one that helps you realise that paid advertising holds the potential of raising or razing your brand.

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Pay per click audit

Our PPC auditing heroes have massive clicks – maybe that’s their secret to success? Or maybe it’s their creative prowess and actual understanding of how to make Paid Search work for you. It’s not all about predictions, trends or staying ahead of the curve. Our approach is data-driven, with constant testing, revision and implementation. Winning is a science. Bringing process and order together with the devilry of creativity.

Our aim is to deliver the best PPC audit in the industry. A simple aim but with many layers. Feel secure knowing that it’s being completed manually with no automation or software by a PPC expert from one of the best PPC agencies in Manchester and the North West. To that end, don’t expect it within 24 hours. Even we won’t change your life that quickly. 72? We could do that.

This is not a ChatGPT audit

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The guts of our Paid Search audit

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Keyword analysis

Keywords are the bread and butter of PPC, but they can’t just be left to build up. From duplicate keywords to excessive broad match campaigns, and narrow targeting scopes to poor negative keyword structure, it’s easy to go after the wrong queries that won’t get your ads seen by the right people. We help rectify that.


Are you using older ad formats? Are there errors in your copy? Our pay per click audit ensures your ads are up to date and compelling, so you can get more people clicking and lining your pockets.

We also recommend an array of ad extensions and ad customisers that help you personalise your copy to improve CTR.

Budget & bidding optimisation

Tired of wasting your budget on campaigns that don’t work? We analyse your bid strategies to ensure no budget is being wasted on irrelevant queries and no opportunities are being missed because campaigns lack budget.

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Whether you’ve invested your spend in Google, Bing or another search engine, we leave no stone unturned in our fight to produce the best PPC results to get you noticed. We make you more money. We make you famous by combining research, analysis and audience personas to ensure you get a bespoke plan that actually works.

Talk to us

Campaign type

When we say forensic PPC auditing, we mean forensic. Our PPC team asks a lot of questions:

  • Are you using Dynamic Search Ads and how are they set up?
  • Is your shopping structure as robust as search?
  • Do you use a product feed management tool?
  • Are top/poor performing products dealt with dynamically?
  • Do you have disapproved products/ads?
  • Are you using a comparison shopping service, Performance Max campaigns, video campaigns? Are they correctly set up?
  • Are you using remarketing and display prospecting? Are they sophisticated enough?

Our PPC audit services leave no stone unturned.


Data is everything. We ensure your tracking is set up correctly, including linking to Google Analytics, setting up GTM correctly, using website call conversions when necessary and having ecommerce tracking if needed, so we can assess how successful campaigns are and adjust our strategy accordingly.

Approximatly 25% of accounts, or twenty five in old money, that we audit have tracking issues where companies are making decision on false information. Criminal. Nearly 50% of those are freelancer-owned accounts. Don’t hate the messenger freelancers – shoot the game! Do better.

Our forensic eye will give you the best foundation to build upon to make sure future decision are based on logic and accurate empirical data.

Performance reviews

We know you care about one thing above all else – your bottom line. Whether you want to scale and expand, or improve cost effectiveness, our PPC audit provides insight into what your account could deliver and how we’d help you maximise its potential.

There are two main ways to do this:

  • Reduce wasted spending
  • Increase effectiveness of correct spending

We have never conducted a PPC Audit yet where we have not made significant inroads into the two options above. We have, however, had our clients audited by competition in the past. They received the feedback that it was not worth swapping agencies. Not the case every time of course. That would be a lie.

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A Free PPC audit

Genuine PPC experts know that sharing their insights from your site will take nothing away from them. The information is there for everyone to see, which leads us beautifully into our next question: what have your current PPC agency been doing? Why are your paid marketing efforts so underwhelming? Why aren’t they proactively working at making them better?

We’re sorry you’ve been had, and we’re sorry you might have been forced to pay for your PPC auditing. Our PPC audit service is completely, entirely, whole-heartedly free. No financial cost, no obligations. We’ll show you on a smaller scale how we can help and what to expect. Our audits are 100%, manually reviewed by our experienced PPC managers. We don’t use tools or cut corners with automations.

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Make serious money screwing over all your competition. It’s practically corporate espionage. Hire the Auditors





The PPC audit outcome maybe revelatory but the process is simple, clear and very easy.

  • Speak to the team. The people actually doing the audit. Nothing is outsourced
  • Access to your Google Ads account, Bing Ads account, social accounts too, like Facebook, if you want to duel fuel the returns
  • Free technical and creative PPC audit is produced by experts. A review will be organised to discuss the findings
  • Q&A review around the findings of audit with the PPC agency Manchester team. Industry big hitters if we were narcissistic nobheads
  • Execution of PPC audit findings led by the most experienced PPC agency team in Manchester area. Nice people too


There is a lot of hard evidence to consider before selecting a company to run a PPC audit.

Our Case Studies section will run through some of the clients that have gone through this quick process and struck gold on the other side.

We invite any company that requests a PPC audit to visit our agency office near Manchester to meet the experts face-to-face. Interrogate them.

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Why Dark Horse for your PPC account audit?

The real difference between other PPC agencies and Dark Horse lies in our values and ultimate behaviours. Not some made up, pie in the sky mission and vision. Genuine, intrinsic, tangible stuff that enable us to give you what you need.

  • No sugar-coating – we tell you exactly what’s preventing your ads from attracting the right profitable clicks
  • No smoke, no mirrors – we’re proud to foster open conversations around the goals of your PPC campaigns, Google ads campaigns and display advertising
  • No juniors – we hire experienced, strategic thinkers who work to make a difference where it counts: your bottom line
  • No excuses – we stick to and deliver on every promise we make
  • We’re nice people – whether you use an in-house team or you want a collaborative approach on technical fixes with your web developers, we’re sure they’ll love us

It’s the Dark Horse difference.

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Avenue85, an e-comms clothing company, had heard about Dark Horse’s reputation. It came to us to grow its site and reduce third-party platform reliance. It had heard that Dark Horse was forensic in its actions. Avenue85 presented Dark Horse with a challenge; raise performance significantly to a minimum of 6x ROI, maximise revenue from 25 brands and achieve a cost of sales equal or better than Amazon. We accepted.

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