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Optimising your Google Ads strategy for Black Friday and Christmas with seasonality adjustments


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Unlocking control in your Google Ads strategy is akin to David Attenborough’s captivating approach to wildlife documentaries, aka it’s stolen our hearts!

At Dark Horse, our expert PPC team has embraced the power of seasonality adjustments to wrestle back control from Google’s algorithm.


The rise of seasonality adjustments

Introduced by Google in 2019, seasonality adjustments were a response to bid adjustments becoming incompatible with bid strategies. More than just tools for handling peak sales periods, seasonality adjustments offer a dynamic way to refine your account’s performance.

A practical example

Imagine you’ve set a target of 5x ROAS (Return on Ad Spend), but your campaign isn’t hitting that mark. The typical response might be to lower the ROAS and gradually increase it. This approach is similar to Jezz’s logic in the TV show Peep Show about “tricking” a boiler to reach a desired temperature faster by “giving it something to aim for”.

However, you can’t trick Google like a boiler. This is where seasonality adjustments come into play.

How seasonality adjustments work

Seasonality adjustments act as signals to the backend algorithm, informing it whether conversion rates are higher or lower than expected. This immediate adjustment helps in real-time optimisation, rather than waiting for the data to catch up.

Implementing seasonality adjustments

Adding seasonality adjustments to your account is straightforward. Simply navigate to Tools and Settings, then Bid Strategies in the Shared libraries. Access Advanced Controls on the left-hand side, and you’ll find seasonality adjustments ready to be configured. Specify conversion rates, name, budget, and other relevant information for your campaigns.


Take control of your Google Ads strategy with seasonality adjustments, and witness the immediate impact on performance. Contact Dark Horse if you’d like more help with this.

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