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Stay ahead with these SEO content tips


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The ever-changing world of SEO: how to stay ahead

In the fast-paced world of digital marketing, staying ahead of the game is a continuous challenge, particularly when it comes to Google and its ever-evolving algorithms. Our SEO content tips can help you stay ahead of the curve, because if you’re not up to speed, your SEO strategy could be at risk.

So, what should you do to ensure your digital presence remains strong and relevant? The answer lies in finding an agency that not only understands the Google algorithm but also knows how to leverage it, especially when it comes to the semantic approach to SEO.

Embracing the semantic approach

In today’s digital landscape, keyword strategies no longer work in isolation. Instead, a new approach that considers the interaction of three key pillars— Owned, Paid, and Earned content —is crucial.

Understanding how these elements work together is the secret to becoming an SEO winner rather than a loser.

  1. Owned content: Owned content comprises any digital assets your business has control over, including your website and social media platforms.
  2. Paid content: Paid content goes beyond traditional advertising. It involves a complex mix of strategies, such as social media promotions, paid posts, and pay-per-click advertising, along with conventional advertising methods.
  3. Earned content: Earned content plays a pivotal role in demonstrating your importance to Google. It influences whether your company gets prioritized when Google serves up search results. This is where digital PR campaigns come into play, generating powerful third-party backlinks to supercharge your SEO efforts.

The power of earned content

Google’s decision-making process for ranking websites is now largely based on the volume of online content about your business. To excel in this landscape, you need the expertise of an agency like Dark Horse. They excel in creating effective earned content and securing valuable coverage with backlinks for their clients.

Quality over quantity

Dark Horse’s mantra is all about making content relevant. They emphasize quality over quantity, recognizing that securing coverage and backlinks from high-domain referring websites is paramount. They also know how to pitch stories effectively to gain maximum exposure and SEO benefits. Semantic SEO is not a scattergun approach, but a thoroughly researched and well-thought-out process, best delivered by SEO experts

A strategic approach

The ‘earned, owned, and paid’ approach may seem overwhelming, but it all begins with careful planning. Define your goals, objectives, and, importantly, your budgets. One thing is certain: you can’t afford to ignore this approach. If you aim to improve your website’s ranking and outperform your competitors, embracing the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing is a must.

In conclusion, staying ahead in the world of SEO requires adaptability and a deep understanding of how Google’s algorithms work. By aligning your digital strategy with the principles of the semantic SEO approach, you can secure a strong position in the online realm. Just ask Rhino Safety.

Dark Horse is your trusted partner in this journey, ensuring your content remains relevant and that your SEO strategy evolves with the times.

Contact us for a forensic SEO audit or content marketing services that outrank the rest of page 1.  

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