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Sometimes it’s good to look down on others

Shoddy SEO audits – we’ve seen our fair share of them. Confusing jargon, vanity metrics and wishy-washy explanations that position Google as some mystical being no agency can tame; we bet you’ve seen them too. We bet someone’s even tricked you into paying for their substandard SEO auditing services, only to deliver empty promises. We know what it’s like to be deceived and lied to, too often deserted by agencies that kept us in the dark. We learnt to become the shadow – to become the change we wanted to see.

We rely on the honesty, knowledge and creative force of our SEO dons to carry out forensic SEO audits and develop a plan that works for your business. The trifecta of success – Technical SEO, Digital PR and Content – will get you onto page one and get your bank balance to span more than one page.

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Our SEO auditing services

Unlike other SEO agencies, we don’t cut corners. Our forensic SEO audit process finds its way into every nook and cranny of your website to make impactful changes that keep raking the cash in, years down the line. An SEO audit is not what a Neil Patel tool delivers.

Some paxo SEO agencies might be okay with SEO keyword stuffing, year-round average SEO content, black hat link buying and shite site speed, but that’s not how Dark Horse SEO works. Supposedly. We take our time to research, analyse and evaluate, adopting best practices into everything we touch. We help you understand where and how to implement SEO for the biggest financial benefit to you. We’re talking cold, hard cash, oodles of it.

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Export to PDF = Red Flag

Important… read this

Free SEO audit… download?!

If you have to enter your URL on an SEO agency audit page then you are going to get an automated, downloadable PDF within about 3 minutes that’s only suitable for wiping your arse with. Garbage, pull a lever type shit with zero merit, skill and frankly choc full of half truths that will do nothing for you.

We guarantee they will focus on the following bollox:

  • Alt tags
  • Meta tags
  • Length of descriptions
  • Page speed
  • Any other shite that can be scripted/automated/pulled from software

“Fixing” their recommendations, will have <1% impact on your SEO results. Do not waste time with these types of SEO audits.

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Organic landscape overview

If there’s one thing you can expect from our SEO audit, it’s a dose of truth about how big your slice of the pie really is. We analyse how much SERP real estate you already own to give you a clear idea of where to focus your campaigns to improve your foothold – because size matters. Ding dong! Here’s a huge package to help you unlock strategic opportunities and optimise your existing outlay, copy and site structure to give you more exposure to the right search queries.

Competitor analysis

In-depth competitor analysis means we take time to see where others have fallen short. We learn from their mistakes so that you don’t have to. We understand the true nature of online competition and have practical, yet creative ways, of overtaking their lead. Results or die.

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Google dominates search engine preference, and we understand that getting Google to notice you is going to take more than a few meta description re-writes. While your competitors vie for attention through barely thought-out keyword additions, we’re busy making sure the results you serve are going to result in more than ‘just a ranking’. Our SEO audits uncover a lot of harsh truths, so all we ask is that you’re prepared to take that shot with a pinch of salt and a bite on a lime.

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Technical SEO audit

Our Tech SEO audit analysis highlights quick-win opportunities, unlocks long-term growth prospects and uncovers underlying technical issues that are preventing you from reaching your potential. Site speed, core web vitals, schema markup and redirect errors are all really dull, so leave it to our experts to highlight and fix.

404: excuses not found. We stick to and deliver on every promise we make. You can sit there and watch the cash flow in.

Mobile SEO audit

Any SEO expert who’s worth their salt will tell you mobile usability is key to SEO success. Google always sends in its mobile crawlers first, so you need to meet their expectations. There’s no point having a great site if it can only be used on desktop. Our team will ensure your site mobile usability ticks every box. No penalties in sight.

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SEO is a fight for rankings, attention and conversion. The only way to come out on top is to know your strengths and weaknesses, how you compare against your biggest rivals and what to do next so you do come out on top.

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Content SEO audit

Bespoke Content SEO auditing services uncover keyword gaps, highlight the opportunity for new content and implement top linking strategies to make the copy on your site the best it can be. Great rankings are not born that way, they need to be nurtured. And our unstoppable Content Marketing strategy will kick ten shades of shit out of your current standings.

Off page SEO audit

We look at your website through Digital PR eyes to find the best opportunities to build out your backlink profile and get you links from relevant, high DA local and national media. From link building to link reclamation and disavowing, to reactive and proactive campaigns, our Digital PR team shares their insights to help you build your site authority and climb up those rankings.

The links effect. Attract, retain, get them begging.

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Why work with Dark Horse?

Our goal is simple: make you rank and help users that convert find your site, so you can knead those prospects into dough. We’re not for everyone, but if you have the guts, give our SEO auditing services a try:

Elite knowledge – We only hire the best. The more thorough our SEO audit is, the more money we make you. We have client relationships spanning years. That’s not down to business patter and fancy lunches, it’s down to the cold hard cash we are handing them.

No nonsense – We tell you exactly what’s preventing your site from ranking on search engines. We won’t sugar-coat serious problems – we tell you how it is, warts and all. We don’t hide behind well-constructed industry excuses; we just deal with it. We work to what matters to you and that’s £££ on your bottom line.

Award-winning – As in, we do the hard work and our “award” is crushing your competition into a fine dust. We’re not about stroking our own egos for a paid-for award that everyone votes for themselves in.

Personality – You don’t want to work with crooks – those that offer less-than-average SEO auditing services and even worse strategies. We’re honest industry experts that put integrity and visibility into everything we do. Death to mediocrity.

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We can professionally SEO audit any site. WordPress, Magento, Wix, Shopify and more. Whatever the infrastructure, whatever the language, CMS, the process will still work.

This works across all industries with full range of ecommerce and service-based business. The only blind spot we have is tosser industries that target vulnerability. Claims companies, cash for gold – we’re sorry, we don’t have the inclination to crack your websites.

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Get a free SEO audit

We’ve been had before too, tricked into paying for substandard SEO that did jack for our bottom line. That’s why we built our own transparent agency that will never trick you into paying for SEO auditing services.

Our SEO audit is completely, entirely, whole-heartedly free. No financial cost, no obligations. If you don’t like our findings, you don’t have to listen – but ask yourself: why are there easily resolved Technical and Content-related SEO issues on your site? What have your current SEO agency been doing up to now?!

We know that when you want a job done right, the first place to turn to is Dark Horse.
If you want to make money and dominate the SERPs, shoot us an email or give us a bell and let our collective put together a free SEO audit so you can start to purge the rubbish and create impactful changes that make you money.

No one buys from Page 2.
No one.

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New Care

New Care Homes is a business centred around expertly designed, high-specification care homes. New Care wanted to increase its search visibility in specific geographical locations. It came to us with the aim to increase conversions and search reach near to where its care homes were based. In terms of business-to-consumer lead gen, New Care, in the majority of cases, wasn't directly targeting its benefactors of the home, but often relatives of them. Dark Horse developed its strategy considering both the website to create a strong foundation and content to drive intent-based traffic. It was time to get started, it was time for Dark Horse to get forensic.

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