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How to properly write and optimise product descriptions


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If you have an ecommerce business then you need to know how to write good product descriptions. Customers are more likely to buy a product they have plenty of information about. Product descriptions also help with SEO when done properly. Which is why writing and optimising product descriptions can be challenging; you want to make sure you’re getting it right. Let’s discuss how to write a product description that drives more traffic and pulls in sales.

1. Know your user


You need to have a clear understanding of your customer before you start to write any product descriptions. Knowing their needs, preferences and pain points will help you to craft descriptions that speak directly to them. If you aren’t aware of their potential problems then you can’t fix them. Research your target market before you do anything else. Look at the questions they are asking around your products by going to sites like Then answer these questions for them in your descriptions. 

2. Sell the benefits


You, of course, need to list the features of your product so that buyers know what they are getting. However, you can turn these features into benefits, highlighting not just what your item does but why it’s worth buying. Focusing on the value your product brings to people’s lives is a great way to get them heading to the checkout. You could even include internal links to other products that work well together or that other customers are buying. 

3. Image is everything


Alongside your product descriptions, it’s crucial to have high-quality images that show your product off. Include multiple images from different angles so that customers get a very clear idea of what they are purchasing and don’t get a shock when it’s delivered. High-resolution images not only look good but they help build trust and credibility with potential buyers, and back up what your product descriptions are saying. Be sure to add some alt text to help with SEO too. 

4. SEO


Knowing how to write a product description that also satisfies SEO will help to drive organic traffic to your product pages. Research and incorporate relevant keywords that potential customers are using when searching for products like yours to craft killer SEO content that will turn visitors into customers. Make sure to add keywords into the product description naturally, so it still reads well. Product descriptions are generally short so keyword stuffing, which is a no-go anyway, will be even more obvious. Improving visibility in search engine results will get more users onto your product page and, even better, more items in baskets. 

5. Short and sweet


Most online shoppers don’t spend time reading product descriptions in detail. They need to be able to get the information they are looking for in a quick skim read. This doesn’t mean you can cut back on your descriptions, but that you should make them concise, easy to read and to the point. Highlight key features and benefits clearly and use elements like bullet points, listicles and short paragraphs to make your descriptions digestible.

6. Back it up


Show customers that you can prove your product is as good as you say it is by providing social proof. This can mean incorporating customer reviews, testimonials and ratings in your product descriptions. All of which can help build trust with new customers. You can also link to any social channels that show your products being used or enjoyed by real customers. 

7. Spring clean


Set time aside to regularly review your product descriptions, making sure that they are still accurate and updating them with any new information. As an example, this could be any changes made to ingredients or colour variations in fabrics. Staying on top of descriptions shows that you are actively managing your products and staying engaged with your customers. In fact, consistently spring cleaning and updating your website content as a whole can be a quick way to gain some SEO wins.

Dark Horse does product descriptions

Product descriptions are a virtual salesperson, putting in the leg work to gently persuade potential customers to make a purchase. That’s why they shouldn’t be neglected and need to be properly written and optimised. You’ll usually find that product descriptions are just one element of a content marketing strategy, used alongside other content to drive traffic and increase sales. Landing pages, category pages and blog posts are just some of the other ways to improve SEO across your website, and get your products in front of buyers.

At Dark Horse, we understand the complexities of online selling, and know what it takes to beat the competition. We can conduct a full service SEO audit to see where your website could improve, and how you can achieve more sessions, more impressions and loads more sales, just like our client Luxe Collective. For SEO services and product descriptions your ecommerce store deserves, talk to Dark Horse


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