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Luxe Collective specialises in pre-owned luxury fashion, with much of its growth coming through its loyal social media following and brand affinity. Luxe wanted to expand. Specifically, through Organic and Paid Search and tasked us with a full-scale SEO campaign alongside PPC ads to make a difference to its bottom line.

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Getting on trend

We identified that Luxe Collective had a huge commercial opportunity to generate SEO traffic through its category pages, with high search volumes and strong user intent to purchase. Our Content and Technical SEO teams put together a strategy that focused on creating engaging copy to convert users from the current category pages, whilst also improving rankings.

On the PPC side, the campaigns were focused on search, and they weren’t getting any conversions, until they tried a Performance Max campaign. However, that still didn’t bring any revenue. Dark Horse shifted the account to focus on getting revenue outside of the branded terms and this saw an increase in revenue.

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Achieving a la mode

Despite only being 6 months into the campaign, from an SEO point of view, we have achieved a massive impact. We’ve improved the reach of the website, with impressions growing by 588% year on-year. There has been a 247% uplift in non-brand sessions, generated through our actions and an increased organic revenue by 46.6%, even though over half of brand traffic is being reallocated to the paid channel.

We’ve also grown the website’s keyword profile from 1,800 keywords to 4,693 in 6 months. This includes 333 keywords occupying a position on page 1, compared to 183 at the beginning of the campaign. Page 1 is the SEO equivalent of the London Fashion Week catwalk.

The Paid Search has been equally successful! In month one ROAS went from 2.35 to 12.78 and after two months we exceeded the ROAS target by 20x. The shopping strategy made a significant impact and comparing the first four months of 2023 vs 2022, transactions increased 539% year-on-year, whilst revenue is up by 687%!

Dark Horse didn’t just grow Luxe Collective, it exceeded expectation.

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increase in impressions


increase in non-branded sessions


increase in organic revenue

Avenue 85

Avenue85, an e-comms clothing company, had heard about Dark Horse’s reputation. It came to us to grow its site and reduce third-party platform reliance. It had heard that Dark Horse was forensic in its actions. Avenue85 presented Dark Horse with a challenge; raise performance significantly to a minimum of 6x ROI, maximise revenue from 25 brands and achieve a cost of sales equal or better than Amazon. We accepted.

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Increase in revenue

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