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Luxe Collective specialises in pre-owned luxury fashion, with much of its growth coming through its loyal social media following and brand affinity. Luxe wanted to expand. Specifically through organic search and tasked us with a full-scale SEO campaign to make a difference to its bottom line.

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Getting on trend

We identified that Luxe Collective had a huge commercial opportunity to generate traffic through its brand and category pages, with high search volumes and strong user intent to purchase. Our Content and Technical SEO teams put together a strategy that focused on creating engaging copy to convert users from the current category pages, whilst also improving rankings.

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Achieving a la mode

Despite only being 6 months into the campaign, we have achieved a massive impact. We’ve improved the reach of the website, with impressions growing by 588% year on-year. There has been a 247% uplift in non-brand sessions, generated through our actions and an increased organic revenue by 46.6%, even though over half of brand traffic is being reallocated to the paid channel.

We’ve also grown the website’s keyword profile from 1,800 keywords to 4,693 in 6 months. This includes 333 keywords occupying a position on page 1, compared to 183 at the beginning of the campaign.

Page 1 is the SEO equivalent of the catwalk. Dark Horse didn’t just grow Luxe Collective, it exceeded expectation.

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Increase in impressions


Increase in non-branded sessions


Increase in organic revenue

Avenue 85

Avenue85, an e-comms clothing company, had heard about Dark Horse’s reputation. It came to us to grow its site and reduce third-party platform reliance. It had heard that Dark Horse was forensic in its actions. Avenue85 presented Dark Horse with a challenge; raise performance significantly to a minimum of 6x ROI, maximise revenue from 25 brands and achieve a cost of sales equal or better than Amazon. We accepted.

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Increase in revenue