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How to become an SEO Content writer


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If you love words and have an interest in digital marketing then SEO Content Writer might be the role for you. In case you didn’t know, an SEO Content Writer creates content that is optimised for search engines. The aim of the game is to drive organic traffic to websites and increase their online visibility. If you’re in-house, you’ll be doing this for the company you work for and usually focusing on one overarching subject. If you’re agency side you’ll be contributing to multiple clients’ success stories. We’ve got a few SEO Content Writers on our team, so let us tell you how you can go about using your words and your love of digital marketing to get started:

1. Understand SEO 

Before you can become an SEO Content Writer, you’ll need to have some knowledge of search engine optimisation (SEO) basics. Find out what a keyword, metadata and backlinks are, and learn how search engines rank content. Online resources, such as Google Digital Garage, can help you learn the fundamentals of SEO and get you out of the starting blocks.

2. Hone your writing skills

Whilst a Content Writer for SEO requires a specific skill set, being a strong writer is top of the list. First and foremost, you’ll be creating high-quality content that engages an audience and is informative for readers. So hone your grammar and spelling, and work on your ability to craft content that people want to read. This might be blog posts, product-led pages or local SEO content so versatility helps too. Practise writing regularly to improve your skills and develop your tone of voice so you can adapt it according to who you’re writing for. 

3. Learn Content marketing strategies

As well as some decent SEO knowledge, it’s a good idea to understand Content marketing strategies. The end goal is getting users to convert into customers so knowing how to create content that resonates with your audience and drives engagement will help you come up with solid SEO content ideas. Eventually, you’ll start to recognise the kind of content that ranks and start contributing to content audits and SEO strategies.

4. Build a portfolio

Start building a portfolio of your work so that you can demonstrate your skills as an SEO Content Writer. This can include samples of blog posts, articles and any other content, such as FAQs. Ask for testimonials or recommendations from any websites you’ve worked on too, and if your work has driven traffic or conversions, keep evidence of this. Online tools like Ahrefs and Google Analytics can generate reports for you that show the impact your work has had. 

5. Stay updated on industry trends

Digital marketing is constantly evolving, with new trends and algorithms being introduced regularly. Google especially loves to throw an update at SEO experts. Stay informed about industry news and any changes in search engine algorithms to ensure your SEO content remains relevant and effective. Follow industry blogs, attend webinars and participate in online forums to stay up-to-date with all the SEO goings on.

6. Network

Networking can be fun and meeting other SEO enthusiasts opens doors to new opportunities so you can grow your career. You’ll also learn lots too. Join industry-specific groups on social media, attend conferences and connect with SEO professionals to expand your network and your knowledge and maybe even get some free pizza.  

7. Consider getting certified

It’s not an industry requirement but obtaining a certification in SEO or Content marketing can enhance your credentials as an SEO Content Writer. There are various online courses and certification programs available that can help you to upskill and improve your knowledge of SEO as a whole. Digital marketing is getting more and more competitive so anything you can do to make yourself stand out is always going to be a good thing.


To be a Content Writer for SEO you need a combination of writing skills, SEO knowledge and a passion for creating content that converts. SEO writing can sometimes be a bit like a game of tetris, where you’re trying to fit a lot of random pieces together. When you get it right and see the results roll in, it’s worth the hours spent staring at your keyboard or searching for synonyms. 


Take a look at our current jobs to see if there’s an SEO role waiting for you, or meander over to our SEO services to find out more about what we do. Oh, and contact us for any digital marketing needs. Our team knows what they’re doing.  


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