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The 10 steps to PPC success


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Ryan Bartram
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The Dark Horse yellow brick road

PPC is a tricky business, there are literally thousands of variables that impact an accounts performance. This is where structure and discipline come in. Over the years, we have refined our strategy which allows us to consistently yield results. Below is a snapshot at our workflow in its simplest form.


  1. Your goals & targets

First, we need to understand your business. We need to know exactly where you want to go, and we need to know your company vision and goals. Knowing where the goalposts are located is essential to any successful PPC campaign.


  1. Research & audit

We request access to look under the hood and review all the data available in Google Analytics & Ads. We then conduct a 128-point checklist to highlight your current account performance. This information is later used to help formulate an actionable strategy.

Arrange an audit


  1. Define audience

We create a complete target audience profile, based on the data analytics and the information you can bring to the table in terms of sales data and industry experience. This information then guides the targeting.


  1. Strategy & targeting

We translate the information from steps 1-3 into a comprehensive strategy, leveraging our experience in channel and platform selection to ensure we connect directly with your audience.


  1. Tech basics & tracking

We build your Google Analytics and Ads accounts with comprehensive goal tracking enabling us to understand exactly how people are engaging with your site. Track sales leads and Smart Objectives for optimisation purposes.


  1. Account structure

Confirm a build structure based on product, market and intent based segmentation. Good structure helps with reporting and better optimisation. Can help stop wastage.


  1. Advertising creative

We get our inhouse designers & copywriters to build compelling adverts that are built to convert. We utilise multiple forms of ad format (canvas, gif, video, banner) to ensure maximum engagement. Latest features from Google are included to drive down cost.


  1. Account settings

We ensure all account settings are optimised to guarantee maximum exposure to target audience, whilst controlling budget. Errors here can ruin all the work from steps 1 through 7.


  1. Optimisation & refinement

Every campaign running will be split tested. This allows us to continually improve the performance of your campaigns and feeds valuable data back into your business which can then be applied to all marketing disciplines.


  1. Report & progress

We ensure you have 24/7 access to all performance data, you see what we see. You also receive a monthly report summarising the progress to date and a plan moving forward. Nothing is hidden.


Let’s grow your business

We aim to build the ultimate engine to power your business online. Once we know the ROI your account in generating, we can confidently scale the model and generate ever-increasing revenue. Scaling comes after clients are happy with the returns we are generating for them. Common sense.

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