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Webinar: 7 signs your agency is taking the p**s


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Katie Turnbull
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You trust your agency, right? Sure, they might not have not been in touch in a while and sure you have no idea how much money your business is currently making from PPC or SEO but isn’t that normal? The short answer is no, no it is not. In this webinar, we arm you with the signs that your agency is taking the p**s.

In this webinar our Head of Marketing, Joshua Hobson and Director, John Keating discussed some of the hard truths about working with bad agencies, from:

    • Signs that might show you are being put on the sideline
    • Common bad practices from other agencies
    • What to expect when your agency catches on that you know they’re s**t
    • When you have to say goodbye


If one or more of these signs ring true to you whilst watching this webinar, then alarm bells should be ringing. Red flags should be waving.

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